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We at the Simsburton Post are interested in seeking writer talent for our Facebook Page. We started out small–a handful of writers in a small town, doing whatever it took to get the story. But now, as Simsburton grows–we realize that there’s just so much out there to cover, we need more folks–like you–to get the big stories that face the residents of Simsburton every day!!
We cover each of the Districts associated with Simsburton and feature highlights from as many angles as we can. MidgeChats! was our first featured news piece that really got Simsburton on the map and covered some of the more colorful folks associated with our little corner of the world. Midge Perkins, our Page 2 writer and Co-Editor of the paper, made it a point to feature each person as intimately as they’d allow–with only minor hiccups.
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SimsTube is Simsburton’s answer to YouTube, and offers a fresh look into the lives of the residents who live and work in our community. Wedding Engagements, amazing School Projects, and other such diverse clips are peppered into SimsTube to give even further insight into who we are–and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.
Our Newest Segment–HandySims is a slow burn, but it’s gaining in popularity and is used to showcase local architectural talent in the city. In the HandySims segment we visit a local community lot and feature some of our favorite discoveries on the property, as well as a generous promotion to the Architect’s business page (their TS4 gallery page).
We give the facts and leave nothing to the shadows. A recent expose shed light on unfair and illegal practices by the Government to “out” our protected news sources. We fought that, and won! We may be a small paper, but we bite too!
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Just A Couple Headlines
The Simsburton Post is still looking for any information into the death of Sean Anderfel, and as the news organization that broke the story, it’s any wonder that any tips we get, we pounce on!!
We’re looking forward to stretching our muscles and really tackling the stories in your neighborhoods–but we need your help! If something happens in your “neck of the woods”, we want you to submit your story to us. But, just like any other paper–we have a quick interview process and would be interested to see a small sampling of your work.

If you are interested, please contact us via messenger through The Simsburton Post–we’ll review your submission and contact you for your “interview”. Good Luck!!


Sims 3: This Is The End

No not for The Sims 3. That will never happen but it will be the end for your sims family if you don’t keep your athletic skill high and lock the doors at full moon. I’m working on a massive multiple town challenge. It’s been submitted to Mod The Sims and IF they approve I’ll share it here as well. We are talking one family, 9 towns and 9 challenges. You need to survive through it all. If you are a fan of apocalypse movies, zombies, legacy play and storytelling then this bad boy is for you. It’s how my Alex Trussell stories were born but I’m thinking of removing them and starting fresh with the challenge stories. So fingers crossed the admins at MTS like my stuff and pretty soon you can travel with me all over the sim world.

Watch this space.

The Sims 3: The Alex Trussell Stories


After driving for what feels like endless days, Alex and the gang stops in Great Bear. A small town surrounded by mountains and filled with outdoorsy sims.

“We should look for a place to lay low for a few days. Gather supplies and figure out our next move.” RJ suggests and everyone happily agrees that it’s time to take a break from the road.


Jayden and Alex have only grown closer. They are thinking of getting married and starting a family but with inmates for friends, the peace never last long. A few days into their stay in Great Bear, Ronnie just can’t help himself and tries to mug an old lady. His arrested by the town sheriff Rick Grimes.


“I’ve been onto you five since you rolled up at the diner. This is my town, you really think anything happens without me knowing?”Sheriff Grimes asked Ronnie as he walked him into the police station.


It was up to Alex to bail Ronnie out and try to smooth things over with the sheriff until they had everything they needed to move on. That night, Sheriff Grimes makes a unexpected house call that has all the inmates on edge.


He tells Alex  that they are looking for four asylum inmates that escaped from Sunset Valley. Alex explains that although Ronnie has a bit of a problem leaving other sims things alone, they don’t know much about escaped inmates.

“Where did you come from?”

“Bridgeport. Enjoyed a few nights in the city and now we are heading back to collage.” Alex gives the sheriff a nervous smile.

“Mmm. And what are you doing in Great Bear?”

“Oh well we thought we might do a hike. Great trails around here and I hear the fishing is pretty good this time of year.” The sheriff smiles and nods. Good thing Alex was listening to the locals talk when they were at the diner.


“Well you kids be careful out there then and if you see any funny looking folks, give me a call. Oh, and do remind your friend to keep his hands to himself. Next time, I’ll throw his ass in jail and forget about him.”

Alex agrees and is relieved to know that not only have they not been made as the inmates, his misdeeds in Northeney has not yet reached this far.

“Alex! Come quick. There’s something on the news about Sunset Valley.” RJ calls from the porch.


“Good evening, further events concerning the virus that ravaged Sunset Valley have unfolded. Marshal law has now been declared on the streets of Sunset Valley. The death toll continues to rise and citizens are resorting to desperate acts of crime to survive.
Scientists have reported that the virus is strongly believed to lie dormant in host sims who contain a genetic resistance to it. Anyone who comes in direct contact with the host becomes a carrier who must either develop antibodies to force the virus back into dormancy or their bloodstream is poisoned leading to organ shutdown and death. The survival rate in humans is 1 out of every 12 infected. There have been very few reported cases in the supernatural community. Scientists are calling it the “T-12 Virus” but survivors in Sunset Valley are rumored to have given it a very different name, “The Doomsday Virus”.

Sheriff Grimes excuses himself, mumbling something about his son Carl. For a moment, everybody just sits around. Too shocked to talk.

“Guys, we need to go now. We need to find a place to settle down before this virus hits.”Ronnie says and gets up.

“You don’t really think it’s going to spread do you? I mean, the government will sort this out.”Reggie says but her voice is shaky. Even she doesn’t believe what she’s saying.

“We’ve all been in government institutes. How well did that go?”Alex asks.

They all agree that it’s time to go. They decide to head to Grey Meadows. An industrial town that has run empty after the economy took a turn and most factories closed. Less sims, less virus.



Sims 3: The Alex Trussell Stories

Alex Trussell has been in one mental asylum after the other his entire life. At this point, it’s the only home he knows and he makes the best of it. Playing cards with “friends” or sunbathing outside the asylum doors, nothing gets him down anymore.


But for months now, many of his “friends” have been going missing. All nurse Dutchy says about it, is that they have gone home. Alex might be in an asylum but he’s not dumb, just depressed and he knows crazy when he sees crazy. He knows that Bob is as crazy as they come and there is no way he would ever be let out. So where did he go? Alex’s best friend Ronnie has a few theories but Alex isn’t sure aliens had much to do with this (they do exist but you can’t blame them for everything.)

On a nice sunny day, Alex notices a few soldiers unloading a van at the back.

“Okay Ronnie, you need to keep nurse Dutchy busy while I go down and see what’s going on.”

“Do I have to? She always slaps my ass if I just smile at her. I don’t want that hippo jumping me mate.” Ronnie moans.

“Just do it Ronnie. Ask the two girls RJ and Reggie to keep watch. I’m in no mood for solitary this week.”

Ronnie turns on the charm and saunters over to nurse Dutchy.

“What’s cooking good lookin’?”

“Oh now Ronnie, that’s no way to talk to a lady.” nurse Dutchy says with a devilish smile.

“So what’s up with all the sims in camo?” Ronnie cocks his head to the sims sitting just behind him.


“That’s none of our business Ronnie. We are here to focus on recovery and returning to society.” she says and starts to walk away.

“Please nurse, just give me something. It’s so boring in here.” he gives her his biggest brightest smile and lovingly rubs her arm. She giggles and playfully slaps his hand away.

“Ronnie, you know the military always brings medicine for you and the other patients. There is nothing sinister about it sweetie.”

Ronnie walks over to RJ and Reggie while keeping an eye out for orderlies that might be listening in on the conversation.

“Listen you guys, something is up. I have a bad feeling. As soon as Alex get’s back, we should start working on a plan to get out of here.”

“And go where?” RJ asks without looking at Ronnie.

“It doesn’t matter. Ronnie is right, something bad is going down here. I haven’t seen Malinda for weeks now and nobody can tell me what happened to her. They just came and took her one night. You want to wait until your next RJ?” Reggie says wiping away tears.

Meanwhile, Alex is sneaking around downstairs when he hears voices coming his way. He ducks into one of the empty rooms and holds his breath. He will be in so much trouble if they catch him here. Alex recognizes the asylum doctor, Helen Smith. She looks like she has aged overnight. He remembers hearing screaming last night and doors banging. She must have had a very difficult patient to deal with. Now that he thinks about it, she hasn’t been around much. She spends most days and night down here, in her lab but doing what?

“I’m sorry doctor but what we have is what you have. There is nothing more to give. They’ve cut the budget and unless you can give me any results, I can’t get more money.”

“The results are simple general. Nothing works. We can’t stop this. What ever it is, there is nothing that can cure it. We’ve done all we can.”

“Then it’s time to kill the project.” The general salutes her and walks away quickly.


Doctor Smith starts to cry and walks towards the room Alex is in. He slowly backs up into the darkness hoping to hide from her. Alex hears something moving behind him. He slowly turns around and finds himself staring into a pair of yellow eyes. A hand shoots out of the darkness trying to grab him but Alex jumps out of reach and slams into a table full of instruments. With his heart beating between his ears, Alex realizes his been made. He needs to hide. Just as he slides behind a bookcase, the light flickers to life.

Doctor Smith looks around the room. Now Alex can see where the arm came from. A cell no bigger then his room without any lights. Is this a new place to put patients? Doctor Smith walks over to the mess Alex made and looks over to the cell.

“Getting a bit restless aren’t you.” she says to the figure in the cell. She slowly walks close and stands watching as a thin green arm tries to grab her.

“I’m so sorry Bob.” she whispers as she pull out a gun and shoots. Alex slaps a hand over his mouth to stop the scream that wants to leap from his mouth. He waits for the doctor to leave and for a split second he wants to go and check on Bob but that didn’t look like Bob.

“It’s time to go.” Alex grabs RJ by the arm and starts pulling her towards the backdoor.

“Wait what? Hold on Alex, we have to have a plan first.”

“Screw that. We need to go now. They are killing the project and we are the project.”

“We need to find Ronnie and Reggie. We can’t leave without them and you need to tell us what’s going on Alex.”

Reggie and Ronnie suddenly come running down the corridor.

“We need to go. We need to go now.” Ronnie says trying to catch his breath.


“What is that? Is that..”

“It’s gunfire RJ. We have the asylums van parked at the gate. We need to leave now guys.” Ronnie says.


As soon as they step outside, it’s clear chaos has descended on the asylum. Soldiers, patients and staff are all running but Alex can’t seem to figure out from what.

“Alex, let’s go!”


As they drive away, Alex realizes his leaving the only home his ever know. He’s never been free, never been allowed to do as he likes.  Reggie puts her head on his shoulder and sighs.

“How does it feel to finally be your own boss?” Ronnie asks from behind the wheel and give RJ a playful slap on the leg. Between soft sobs she tries to give Ronnie a little smile.

“I think we’re in big trouble.” Reggie whispers as they speed out of town leaving Sunset Valley and all it’s secrets behind.

Check in again for episode 2

(All sims are form Haunted Valley 2 by Rflong7)

Sims 3: The New Alien World Challenge

It’s a beautiful day on Xenopac but for you and others, it is your last. Your Queen has died under suspicious circumstances and her adviser has been made the new Brood mother. As a pure blood, the direct descendant of The First Two you were meant to be ruler of the hive. Now, you and those loyal to you have to flee the new queen’s cleansing. An old abandoned lunar base seems to be the only place you might be safe. Who would think to look on a moon that has long deadly winters and even harsher boiling summer? It is now up to you to establish a new hive and begin again.

The New Homeland:

Choose a world as alien as you can find. Lunar Lakes might be the best as it already has houses for your hive. Delete all rabbit holes (save them so you can place them later).  Turn winter and summer up to max and make spring and autumn just a few days (no more then 7). Use the nraas master controller mod’s total annihilation to remove all townies (if you don’t have an empty world). Turn off all pets, super natural, celebs  and horses.  Place the biggest lot that will fit your world. This lot will be your Temple (and graveyard).

The Nest:

There is no atmosphere yet so look for the pavilion (the round dome you see Bridgeport) and put that over your lot first. No sims can leave the lot until the science facility is constructed. Male and Female aliens cannot mix so I would advise building your own house that has a communal kitchen and separate areas that can be gender themed. You will have more than one mate in your life time so make sure there are enough bedrooms, a nursery and children’s playroom. Add a room for the robots. They will be your servants. Your house has to look alien. There should be a main bedroom where your founder will mate. As male and female cannot mix, make sure this bedroom is in the middle of your house same as the kitchen area. Your founder and  mating rooms should be elaborately decorated. The children must share a room and should be gender themed as they won’t be mixing anyway. Your many kings or queens should have very dull rooms. Hobby rooms are essential for mates.

Alternatively, I would suggest keeping your mates on a separate lot so you can keep going with the breeding side and have space for the potential heirs before the tests. Add your mating room to The Temple lot and that is the only place allowed for you to mate then.

 Your Population:

You will need 5 males and 5 females (or more if you like). They have to look alien(no human skin colours). Put them in separate houses. You will also need to make one Holy One (man or woman) that must be invited to all your rituals. When your Holy One passes on, a new one must follow. You cannot stop townies population your world but you can use nraas to turn them into aliens. See these as more refugees from Xenopac. You can add pets but they must look alien (weirder the better).

Creating Your Founder:

As alien as possible. Y/A.  Females should have genius, nurturing and family-oriented traits. Males must have genius, handy and gatherer traits.

If you want some interesting kids, make the founder and his/her mate complimentary colours. You can make more than one mate now or take them from your population later.

Celebrations and other rituals:

You have not abandoned the faith of your home world. You must construct a temple. There should be space for graves, a wedding, a throne room for when a new brood mother (or father) is crowned, instruments, buffet table and bonfire. Make an offering room where offerings to the gods can be left. If you decide to keep your mates on a separate lot then add the mating room to this lot.

Funerals – Everyone must be present. The funeral starts at sunset, all sims must stay awake until sunrise. If sims fall asleep, you anger the gods and bring bad luck. At sunrise, place the grave and feast. Priestess must speech. Can only take place on Sundays.

Birthdays – Play instruments, dance around the fire and feast. Celebrations start at noon until sunset.

Crowning – Once you’ve chosen a new heir, he/she must get married. Celebration must start at noon until feast is over. Everyone must be present. Make offerings to the gods (food, seeds, flowers ect.) Play instruments, feast, dance and the priestess makes a speech.

Weddings – Can only take place on Fridays. Feast, dance around the fire, play instruments and gift for the couple. (take a horse and make it look alien) Noon until sunset.

Mating – Founder, his/her mate and the priestess will be present from sunset till sunrise. There will be eating and offerings to the gods to bless this event and then…well, you get the idea. You can only mate after eating and offering and the priestess is present.


Game Play:

  • Keep your founder adult for at least 3 generations. Only then can an heir be announced.
  • Children can only leave the lot for school or birthdays. You are afraid they might be killed by hunters from Xenopac.
  • Teens can go to boarding school if they are going to be heirs or must be married and moved out.
  • You should keep at least 4 sim that you might want as heirs. When ready to crown your new brood mother (or father) they must survive The Test. Winning a chest match, winning a sparing contest and painting a masterpiece. With each trail, one sims must die after losing.
  • Buildings can only be constructed when certain skills are 7 or higher.

Logic – Hospital

Inventing or Science – Science Facility

Cooking – Diner

Gardening – Grocery store

Charisma – Town Hall

Handy – Police & Fire Station

Painting – School

Any musical skill – Theater

Mixology or Nectar skill – Bar

Athletic – Military Base and Stadium

  • There is no atmosphere until the Science facility is up so no sims can leave the lot until then. You can earn points to keep for the ceremonies. 100 points gives you one ceremony.

Bundles of Joy- A baby is born -25 points

Betrothed – Two sims got engaged – 50 points

  • There is no electrify until the science facility is up so no electronics until then. You can only have a bar fridge and drink juice. You can send your robots to hunt or fish on your new planet (hide the grocery store and buy nothing except what is allowed until your gardening skill is high)

Small pray like snakes, rats and so on gets you one hot dog meal

Raccoons- 2 hamburger meals

Dear- 4

Horses – 6

Use nraas to kill (delete) them.

  • If sims fall asleep during a funeral, the gods are angered and there is a food shortage. Delete all plants and food in inventory.
  • Founders cannot work, you have a hive to build. Make money by sending mates to garden, collect, paint or sculpt. Befriend one of the alien creatures and send them out to find you things to sell. Don’t use any money cheats after you build your nest. It won’t be as fun.
  • Buy all your sims the simmunity perk. Aliens can’t get sick remember. If a sim gets sick, you must assume it is a deadly virus awaken by your hive. That sims must die before sunrise.
  • To make things fun, make your Priestess a witch or geni and only offspring that are also witches/genies can become the next Priest/ess. Other than that, no other super naturals are allowed.
  • No mating with humans. By generation 4 you can start befriending humans and try to get them to help you take back Xenopac. You must also befriend one of Xenopac’s soldiers (the real aliens in the sims 3) so you can get a ship.


This challenge is a tweak on

The Hive Rises by kiri1109


The Tribe Survival Challenge by DJKanine9

Both great challenges and so much fun to play.

Feel free to add your ideas. I’ll check in from time to time and add them to the main challenge. If you share your aliens on Facebook, let me know what group so I can check it out.



Sims 3: Create a Back Up

Your game is working great, all your installed content is there, a nice home, family…everything is dandy. SAVE THE WHOLE GAME! Open your sims folders and save it all. You can right click the game to see how big it is and get the right flash/thumb drive. If problems do occur and you have no flash drive, sort each folder by date, what did you add to mod folder? That is usually the culprit, the next is DC backup and deleting everything in except the ccmerged file helps bunches. We are gonna have a nice Autumn Harvest dammit. Lost the pool, gained an ice rink.

No automatic alt text available.

by Chad Roberts

Sim 3: Praise be The Player Challenge

Praise be The Player Challenge.

It’s a lovely day for fishing and bathing in the sun. There is nothing like a vacation on a cruise ship to get a sim’s blood pumping or muscles relaxed. One sim is having the time of his life when he spots a cute sim reading a book. She glances up and smiles at him but before he can make his move, the ship is engulfed in a mysterious fog. The wind starts to howl and whip the waves into mountainous swells that crash over the boat. In the distance a giant rises from the sea, fire bursting into red molten liquid and suddenly it all goes dark…

Two sims survive and find themselves on a small island in the shadow of a large volcano. There are roads and abandoned buildings  but no other sims. What might have been a flourishing community at one point, seems to have disappeared and all that is left is a single sign that reads:

“Do not displease The Player or you will be offered in the red pool.”

Then, as the full moon rises a loud siren sounds over the island. At first, the two survivors can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on but then,  figures shuffle out of the darkness and the survivors suddenly realize what happened to all the sims on the island…they want braaaaaaaaines.

The Prophecy

It is said that one day, two Sims will reach the island and build a glorious new community that honors The Player and follows the old ways. With offerings and rituals to appease The Player, sims here live a longer life then most and will be blessed with peace and harmony… or so you hope.
GOAL: Build a community of sims reaching generation 5 or more. The challenge fails if all Sims are dead so keep them alive!


  • A pair of dice (6er) If you do not own a pair of dice, check your app/play store on your smartphone
  • Mods: Nraas Master Controller, Nraas Woohooer, Nraas Traffic (eliminates cars), Nraas Story Progression, Nraas Vector (it’s devastating if used wrong so be warned)
  • 2 Sims
  • An island


 The Sims:

1 Male and 1 Female YA. Dress them in ripped clothing to match the whole castaway theme. Your sims much each have 2 positive traits, 1 neutral trait and 2 negative traits. (See lists below). This is to ensure that your sims are “normal” and not some super survivor Bear Grylls sim. You must have 1 sim with the brave/daredevil trait as only sims with those traits can light the fire and your female sim must have the family oriented/nurturing trait or she will die in childbirth. This goes for any future female sims. (Explained under Rules)

Positive: 2 Neutral: 1 Negative: 2
Athletic All traits under Social Absent-Minded
Adventurous Artistic Bot Fan
Angler Avant Garde Computer Whiz
Brave Ambitious Childish
Bookworm Animal Lover Clumsy
Daredevil Can’t stand art Couch Potato
Disciplined Cat Person Coward
Eccentric Dog Person Evil
Eco-Friendly Equestrian Heavy Sleeper
Family Oriented Excitable Hydrophobic
Gatherer Frugal Hates the outdoors
Genius Good Hot Headed
Green Thumb Kleptomaniac Neurotic
Handy Neat Over-Emotional
Insane Never Nude Rebellious
Loves to swim Night Owl Unstable
Loves the cold Photographer’s Eye Unlucky
Loves the heat Perfectionist Workaholic
Lucky Star Quality
Loves the outdoors Slob
Light sleeper Vehicle Enthusiast
Natural Cook Virtuoso
Savvy Sculptor


The Island Lot:

I have identified two island to play. The one is tropical with lots of dive spots and the other one is a woodland wonder that adds the threat of freezing to death if you don’t get that shelter up because….winter is coming.

I’ve made the volcano your sims will be sacrificed in and added it to the exchange. Look for it under  Praise be The Player Challenge. It’s not pretty but it will work or build your own and share the pictures. Next to it I build the place the sims got shipwreck and added The Door of Life and Death so I can send sims found guilty to be judged by the Grim.

You can use ANY world you want as long as it’s an island looking world and has a few extra lots for your community and temple. You’ll need to salt your world a bit just to make life easier. Put trees and seed spawners on your open lot. Add a grocery store and town hall but try to put them underground so they are hidden.

Suva Diva





Setup and Arrangement of Necessary Start Objects:

  • 1 outhouse (this sorts out hygiene and bladder and it’s logical to assume that your sims would be able to dig a hole for bladder needs. Plus, I don’t like dirty sims but if you want to do this right then go look for a medieval toilet.)
  • 1 bench
  • 1 campfire and grill. One is for cooking and one is for looking (the campfire has to burn all night. See below)

Every other usable object has to be crafted during game play. The crafting system will be explained down below. I would advise you to download a few medieval or castaway cc as it really adds to the game.

How To Start:

  • Cancel the paper
  • Set age span to long or epic
  • Turn phone off (or use the mod)
  • Set to high free will
  • Bills are payment to the island gremlins. Do not miss a payment or the gremlins will take your hard earned stuff.
  • *** Note: As most EA Sim players are aware, the game will generate other Sims, as well as vehicles and boats, etc. There is no way to turn these things off, so for the purposes of the game, just ignore them or treat them as a hallucination or figment of your Sims imagination.

As a god, you have mighty powers and have to use them right away from the start.
Use CTRL+SHIFT+C to activate your powers and type in this spell:

  • testingcheatsenabled true

If you reload the game, you have to redo this procedure. We don’t want your godly powers to get rusty, do we?

Spells You Can Use If The Dice Tell You Too:

Make Sims Happy:

  • SHIFT click on the mailbox and click “make needs static” (remember to go back and turn it off again once all needs are filled)


How To Play:

Your Sims are cut off from civilization completely. No jobs, no luxury items, no electricity! Your Sims are alone on this island now. Stranded. Exhausted. But with hope! You as their godly helper will ensure they make it till the final ritual. The Sims have to work with what they have. Which is not much! But hey, at least the sun is always shining and nature has a lot to give. What your Sims will mainly do is tend the fruit trees, fish and work on their skills and craft objects that will make life on the island more comfortable. Crafting is one of the key aspects during this challenge. The Sims can create some furniture pieces or decor. (More about it down below under “crafting.”) Every day the gods will intervene and will change the fate of your Sims. Roll the dices to know what they have in store for them! (More down below.) Make sure to take good care of all of your Sims. You as their god can control them and point them to the right direction.   Have fun and good luck!!

The Dice Roll – The Will of the Gods:

Always have your dice on hand,. They are the ying and the yang of this challenge and whatever they say HAS TO BE EXECUTED!

You have to roll the dice every Sim day at 6am. The dice will tell you what The Player has in store for your Sims. You have to execute the will right away. Pause the game/go to build mode and do as The Player says. Don’t miss to roll the dice! If you forget a day, The Player get angry and they will kill a Sim*! *(Perform will 12 from down below)

What Happens If You Roll…: 

  • (2) The Player shines it’s light of happiness and fertility on the island. A Female sim becomes pregnant. Every Sim is suddenly feeling better and draws more hope out of this miracle. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  • (3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island..amazing! [every skill object except electronic items is allowed, choose 1]
  • (4) 1 of your sims has caught an illness. At the end of the day they must die somehow
  • (5) 10 bundles of wood, meat, fur or veggies! (You can go to the store to buy new veggies to plant or eat) Sims rejoice in this bounty. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  •  (6) The tide is declining and a new Sim gets washed ashore! Who is this? Where did this Sim come from? Only The Player knows… [If you already have 8 Sims in the household you can ignore this will. We assume the Sim died on its exhausting journey to the island. Place a skeleton if you’d like it to look realistic] or add a pet! (testingcheatsenabled true, click on one of the random sims running around on the island and add them so the new sim is fully random)
  • (7) 5 bundles of wood, meat, fur or veggies! 
  •  (8) There’s a food shortage, get rid of 2 plants and all the food in your sims inventory (9 New items washed ashore, go collect them! Buy 2 new items, whatever you want! (10) Tsunami! Get rid of everything thing! Beds, harvestable plants, cooking appliances, pluming, skill objects, everything but your buildings
  • (11) Oh wow! This is exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so glad The Player has heard their prayers and sent them a new object to the island. [go shopping, go wild, you can choose whatever you like no matter costs in build/buy mode]
  • (12) The Player is absolutely furious! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to calm him! Preferably a virgin.  [Let the Sims swim in the volcano pool and block the border with stones or fences. This Sim has to drown to death] Once the sacrifice is complete, nothing bad can happen for ONE sim WEEK so ignore any dice roll that is bad for one week.



1.You can give yourself a fire pit (castaway mods/theme are perfect for this realism)
Fire Rules = Only sims with the brave trait can light the fire for meals/night time. Must be relit during the night. This is to protect family/group from wild animals and provide warmth. Children born later without this trait CAN NOT touch the fire, cannot relight/put it out
-if the fire goes out during the night – you must wake up your brave sim and have them relight it.
Family sims must sleep within close proximity of the fire place in order to benefit from the listed reason stated above (you want the fire is nice mood let)

2.Only female sims with family oriented or nurturing trait will survive childbirth. If a female sim without these traits give birth…you must kill her. (Use Nraas Woohooer and make all woohoo risky.)

3.On full moons a siren will sound warning your sims that something is coming. If zombies spawn and come in contact with one of your sims, you can fight or run. How to fight: roll the dice, even number means you win and get things like a shirt or new shoes or 2 veggies or a teddy (small things you would find in a backpack). Uneven number means you lose and your sims dies before sunrise. If a sim comes in contact by accident, they die before sunrise. ( use Wojtek Full Moon Warning Defence Siren)

  1. No career ambitions
  2. No rabbit holes or career lots except for the grocery store that you will need to buy meat

6.No electronics allowed (remember, this is an uncharted island)

  1. No vehicles. Your Sims must walk, run, or swim to all destinations (Sims are lazy and will naturally take the shortest/quickest route to their destination. For this reason if your island has roads, you will have to form a group, and then use the “go/walk/swim here” command for your Sims when visiting lots) You can craft a boat later on as your skill level goes up.

your sim Can not change their clothes, buy rugs/curtains (later) blankets for beds (later) or even sleeping bags WITHOUT acquiring fur.
So those wild animals running around become even more important
Wild animals can only be used once. So chose carefully what you want to use them for and keep track.
Use mods to delete them immediately after you have harvested them. (without mods not sure how to get rid of them – maybe someone else will know)

Wildlife harvested will give you either Fur or “meat”
1 raccoon = fur size of small rugs, small curtains, baby clothes, baby crib blanket (inside crib) etc..
OR 1 meal (hotdogs/burger patties)

DEER = medium size skins (2 sleeping bags or 1 small tent) or 2 group meals (steaks/roasts or hotdogs etc)

HORSES = large (carpets/blankets for double beds/large rugs/ large tents or 2 small tents etc) 4+ group meals
What this simply means is – you cannot make these meals without having the ingredients, and you can only get the ingredients by “harvesting” them.
And you cannot make skins/leather/fur items (anything soft or necessary to complete an item) before acquiring it. A bed cannot be made without (wood + 1-2 size equivalent animals skins)

Keep track somewhere each time you harvested your item and how much.
If you are harvesting meat then you can have your sim “go the store” and buy it)

(of course you can chose to have your sim only eat veggies and fish – and just use the animals for fur)

CRAFTING/BUILDING RULES: Sims CAN NOT build anything WITHOUT acquiring either the materials AND the skills necessary.

What this means is:
Trees planted – once fully grown your planted trees can be used to either harvest from OR chopped down for materials (wood) One fully grown tree = 1 bundle of firewood. (if you have the bundled wood decorations these are perfect. Delete a tree (or sell it) and give yourself 1 bundle of wood from your deco to help you keep track.
Easy mode: 1 fruit tree = 2 bundles of wood
1 wild tree = 4 bundles of wood or more depending on size (wild trees are trees on other lots)
1 bundle of wood = small sized objects (1 chair/1 building arch/1 baby crib or two blocks of wall etc)
2 bundles = 2 chairs/small table/shelves 2 or more/ etc)

In order to build a worthy sim must level up his sculpting. Every sculpting session works as the equivalent to 1 building session. The level of the sculptor will determine how much your sims can build in 1 day, and the material they use determines what object your sim will build from.

Examples = Sims sculpts wood level 2 + 2 bundle of harvested wood = 2 chairs or 1 small wood table, or 1 small baby crib or 2 wood arches
Get the idea? Use your best judgement to determine how much each item would require in order to make the item.
A bed would probably require 2-3 bundles of wood depending on the style/difficultly (is it a bunk bed? Is it a single or double bed) etc..
You must replant trees in order to chop them down to use for materials. You can cut down (delete) trees on other lots but if you put spawners on that lot, you have to delete them. No tree = no seed. So do you want wood or seeds.

Stairs and fences are made of drift wood and stones (so no wood needed)

Once your sim (of any generation) reaches sculpting or handiness level 10 and you have enough wood and fur, you can created a boat.

How To End:

Generation 2 should start work on a place of worship for The Player. One sim must have max level handiness before building starts. Every Friday is worship day. Sims must bring a offering for The Player. This generation will also construct a jail. When other sims (spawners) find their way onto your island, you can ignore them or kill them(delete them). Roll the dice, even number means you win and get what is in that sims backpack, uneven and your sims goes to jail. Hygiene means nothing for a criminal so don’t worry about that, just give them a sleeping bag, a toilet and a guitar. Every morning you should put a few fruits or veggies in their inventory so they can eat when hungry. Other than that, do not interact or control them. The sentence is up to you but you might want to keep them for a offering should you land on dreaded 12. Or  if you have the door of life and death (from Grims Ghastly Manor) you can send them there to be judge by old Grim himself.

Generation 3, one of your sims should max out logic and “restore” electricity and build a school.

Generation 4, max level science and charisma before building a hospital and town hall. You can now time travel.

When you have 5 generations of Sims, you can start the ritual! Sims should have finished the place of worship by now. All sims must gather for a great feast, dancing and offerings. Roll the dice one last time. High numbers (7-12) and you activate Vector (or whatever other way you want to kill ALL sims). Low numbers (1-6) and all sims life happily ever after. Conceive a child that will be the chosen one and continue your happy little cult.


I took bits and pieces from my favoured challenges and made this one. All credit goes to these great simmers. I take no credit for this challenge, I only tweaked what they started.

CHALLENGE​ by Simproved


Castaway/Island challenge with a diff. twist by Ephy

Sims 3 Castaway Survivor Challenge (Parts One and Two) by freidapearl

My Island/Shipwrecked Challenge by DuckSimmer101