Bring The Outdoors Inside

I’m hoping you read the previous blog post and made some space for your houseplants. Now it’s time to choose a few but first, why should you have houseplants? It’s one more thing to take care of, one more thing that will need your attention so why do this then?

* Breathing Easier

When you breathe, your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This opposite pattern of gas use makes plants and people natural partners. Adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels. At night, photosynthesis ceases, and plants typically respire like humans, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. A few plants –orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads –do just the opposite, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Place these plants in bedrooms to refresh air during the night.

Releasing Water

As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapor, which increases the humidity of the air around them. Plants release roughly 97% of the water they take in. Place several plants together, and you can increase the humidity of a room, which helps keeps respiratory distresses at bay. Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway document that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.

Purifying Air

Plants remove toxins from the air –up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours, according to NASA research. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde (present in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke, and grocery bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (both found in man-made fibers, inks, solvents and paint). Benzene is commonly found in high concentrations in study settings, where books and printed papers abound.

Modern climate-controlled, air-tight buildings trap VOCs inside. The NASA research discovered that plants purify that trapped air by pulling contaminants into soil, where root zone microorganisms convert VOCs into food for the plant.

Improving Health

Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients, according to researchers at Kansas State University. Compared to patients in rooms without plants, patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner.

The Dutch Product Board for Horticulture commissioned a workplace study that discovered that adding plants to office settings decreases fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats, and flu-like symptoms. In another study by the Agricultural University of Norway, sickness rates fell by more than 60 percent in offices with plants.

Sharpening Focus

A study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester, England, found that students demonstrate 70% greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms containing plants. In the same study, attendance was also higher for lectures given in classrooms with plants.

How Many Plants?

The recommendations vary based on your goals.
To improve health and reduce fatigue and stress, place one large plant (8-inch diameter pot or larger) every 129 square feet. In office or classroom settings, position plants so each person has greenery in view.
To purify air, use 15-18 plants in 6-8-inch diameter pots for a 1,800-square-foot house. That’s roughly one larger plant every 100 square feet. Achieve similar results with two smaller plants (4-5-inch pots).

Remember that for the best success with any houseplant, you need to match the right plant to the right growing conditions. Learn more in Tips for Healthy HouseplantsFor low light situations, choose a plant adapted to those conditions

*Found on website above


We tend to forget how amazing plants are. I remember when one of my houseplants grew its first new leaf. I was so excited and proud. My little buddy was surviving AND growing. I tend to kill almost everything I grow but somehow these plants were doing good. Good for me right. Here are some plants you can start with:

  1. Mother in Law Tongue (Sansevieria)

Sansevieria is spread out across Africa, from West Africa to Madagascar, and some of the 70 varieties can be found in Southern Africa too. This trendy evergreen plant is also commonly known as the Snake Plant or Viper’s Bowstring Hemp.

Snake Plants are really easy houseplants! They are tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering, two of the many reasons that these shapely plants are so sought after by house plant lovers around the world.

It is a bold plant, with stiff dark green leaves, some banded in a light yellow-green and others sporting variegated speckles or bands of green. 

How to Plant Mothers in Law Tongue

2. Wild Banana (Strelitzia Nicolai)

This is an essential Urban Jungle plant! The Giant White Bird of Paradise comes from the evergreen coastal thickets and forests of eastern South Africa. The Strelitzia Nicolai grows slowly but can reach heights of 2 meters or more, which can make for an impressive display. With patience, it might produce stunning white blooms. Coming from sunny South Africa, the Wild Banana requires very bright light. It can even be placed in direct sunlight if the move is done gradually to allow to leaves to slowly adapt.

Colorful blooms of the Orange Bird of Paradise!

3. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

The Zamioculcas is a tropical perennial plant native to south-eastern Africa, from southern Kenya to north eastern South Africa. The ZZ Plant is known by many names, including Zanzibar Gem, Zuzu Plant, Emerald Palm, and the Eternity Plant. Zami’s haven’t always been popular, commercial propagation of the species only began in 1996 by Dutch nurseries. Their efforts have ensured that the species has become a favorite indoor plant around the world.

This evergreen plant has air purifying qualities – it is able to remove volatile organic compounds from the air.

ZZ Plants can handle low light, has low water requirements and is very tolerant of occasional neglect – all of which makes for a great, easy-care indoor plant!

Zamioculcas zamiifolia - tolerates low light, low watering and low attention. Also known as Zanzibar Gem, ZZ Plant & Eternity Plant

4. String of Beads (Senecio Rowleyanus)

This creeping succulent vine is also known as String of Pearls and is native to the drier regions of south-western Africa. This quirky looking plant with its bright green ‘beads’ makes a striking addition to the home.

It looks fabulous when grown in a hanging planter with its ‘strings of pearls’ trailing out over the edges.

As with most succulents, the String of Beads requires little care and its water storing abilities allow it to be watered infrequently. Be careful not to overwater the String of Beads as that may increase the chance of root rot.

 String of pearls plant

5. Zebra Plant (Haworthia)

The Haworthia is a large genus of small succulents native to southern Africa. Their popularity is derived from the white zebra-like stripes that adorn their leaves and their easy-care character. The Haworthia goes by many names, including Zebra Plant, Zebra Cactus, Star Window Plant and Pearl Plant.

These South African indoor friendly plants look especially striking in unusual containers with interesting soil mixes and are great desktop plants.

The Zebra Plant likes plenty of sun or bright light, such as windowsills with bright sun exposure. But they will be equally happy in indirect bright light conditions.

Haworthia zebra plant

6. Aloe Vera

The Aloe family is found all over Africa with many species indigenous to South Africa. Most Aloes are drought tolerant, which makes them a great waterwise plant.

The Aloe Vera’s understated elegance and characteristic fleshy cool-green leaves are perfect if you are looking for a plant with muted colours and a subtle presence.

Aloes are low maintenance plants that require little care. Water the Aloe thoroughly in summer but allow them to dry very well between watering.

Aloe plants are native to tropical regions, but even if you live in a place with cold winters you can have a beautiful, healthy aloe plant that you keep indoors. Aloe plants should be potted in a soil mix made for succulents. They like to be dry and warm, not wet and cold, so water only when the soil is mostly dried out. Healthy aloe plants produce "babies" you can break off and pot for a friend.

All these plants are native to Africa. Keeping it home grown. There are so many plants that you can keep in your home. A constant reminder that we are not separate from nature but a part of it.

Image result for once you realize everything is connected

Thank you for reading.




Dis ‘n Grappie Julle

Hallo! Die Hasie is nie heeltemal rooi op die nek die jaar nie. Sy kan nog Afrikaans en vandag se blog is om te share en share en asseblief share met ALMAL op Facebook. Vandag praat ek reguit met julle Boere/Blankes/Afrikaners op social media. Mense, wanneer het julle ‘n sin vir humor en julle maniere verloor? Ek het in my lewe nog nie so baie vieslike, knorrige goed saam gesien soos my mense op Facebook. Hulle is gereeld aan die baklei, val iemand aan wat jy duidelik kan sien het ‘n grap gemaak, raak sommer persoonlik met mekaar…man dis soos om twee vrouens te sien baklei, dis net waglik.

Wat op aarde gaan aan Volk? Wat het geword van eer en opregtheid en veral ons sin vir humor. Daar is niemand wat so vinnig ‘n grap kan maak oor ‘n slegte ding soos ‘n Boer nie. Ons rule met funny memes wat eg Afrikaans is en so waar dat jy jouself raak lees. Is dinge in ons land en wêreld nou al so rof dat ons geen lig in die donker kan sien nie? Of is dit die tyd waarin ons lewe waar almal feelings en rights het en elke klein dingetjie piss iemand af? O nee, ek is oor dit hoor. Ek het nie tyd om negatief te wees nie. Daar is te veel om te doen en ek hou te veel van myself om so vol gal te wees. Dit vat natuurlik al my wilskrag om NIE vir iemand te sê hulle kop is te diep in hulle gat nie en dis hoekom ek vet is, want social media gebruik al die wilskrag op en dan kan ek nie nee sê vir sweeties later nie.

Dis tyd dat jy bietjie begin luister hoe praat jy en die om jou. Luister fyn na wat jy sê en dink. Jy hou nie hiervan nie en jy hou nie daarvan nie, Eskom is ‘n bogger op, ons word vermoor, petrol is duur ens. As iemand jou vra hoe dit gaan met jou, begin jy jou sin met ‘n glimlag of ‘n sug? As jy vandag ‘n nuwe kar wen, het jy ‘n nuwe kar gewen of het jy onkoste by gekry? Is jy moeg na jy met iemand gesels het, is dit makliker om by die huis te bly? Dis dalk tyd dat jy dinge verander dan en al hoe mens dit doen is deur jouself te verander. Be the change you want to see. 

Probeer 30 dae van dankbaarheid en lighten up julle knorrige ou donners.



Today We Clean

Let’s start this week by bringing the outdoors to us, in our homes. I’m talking about house plants. Those wonderful little things that grow and purify your home’s air without needing too much water or sunlight. Brilliant right?

But first, since it’s the beginning of a new year and you probably let a few things slide over the holidays…


Let’s clean house

Image result for sweeping scene in practical magic

Well okay, that image might be a little dramatic. I’m not saying get a coven together and banish dead people, I’m saying it’s time to clean out your holiday clutter. Before you go hunting for the perfect specimen to move into your lounge or bathroom, first make space for it. Too much stuff can make sick. No, you are not a hoarder and no one is coming to condemn your house but half done projects or things lying around on the “I’ll get to it” heaps can make you stress and what good are your beautiful new friends then? And did I mention cleaning house burns calories? So here are a few tips on how to de-clutter your house (thank you Pinterest):

  1. One room at a time. Start with your living area first or the kitchen. The two places that get the most traffic and then ask yourself these 10 questions.

10 Questions to Help You Declutter. This will be a great resource when we get moved into the new house and start unpacking!

2. Use a schedule to keep track of your cleaning duties. This will help you from getting  paralyzed by the mess. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and worse if you only have a little time after work to so. Rise early, get hubby and the kids involved and try not to do it all in one day.

Heather says: Here’s a weekly chore schedule to help keep a clean house.  Home Ec 101 gets a lot of requests for help figuring out how to get and keep a house clean. There’s no big secret here, it’s just a matter of dividing the chores into manageable chunks.… Keep reading...

3. Since you will be cleaning, here are a few recipes for eco-friendly cleaners and how to go more green in one year. ..happy planet, happy life.

 Dreary hardwood floors, sticky vinyl, “unknown substance” in the kitchen? Use our DIY cleaning recipe survival guide for some green cleaning.  #DIY #Cleaning

From opting out of junk mail to using non-toxic cleaning products, here's how to go green in your apartment, one month at a time!

4. Once you’ve thrown everything out, you need to stop things coming back in again. If you want to buy something think about if you really REALLY need it. This year, I’m not buying a single piece of new clothing. It’s scary but I’m doing it. On holiday, I had three shirts and that’s all I wore. It was freeing and terrifying to think what other people might think of seeing me in the same shirts over and over. Turns out, not much. Here’s a great read on living minimally. I’ve done most of it and honestly, it’s the best thing next to a cocktail on the beach. It is freeing.

So as soon as your done with the cleaning, pop back in for the next post on which plants to get (right after your much deserved gin&tonic). It’s super easy to keep them alive if you have the right ones. I’ve managed not only not to kill mine but get them to grow new leaves! I’m taking that as a win for the new year so yah me! Don’t freak out about cleaning your house and going green too much. Life is hectic and there is never enough time in one day but small steps will get you there. Honestly, if I can just sneeze without farting and peeing myself a little in public…I’m calling 2019 a success.  So there’s that.



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Kicking Ass and Taking Names in 2019

Image result for 2019

It’s a new year and time for a new look. Well, it’s a new calendar year but my new year only starts on the 1st of September with spring but that is a story for another day. I’ve been blogging for close to four years now and every year my blog changes just as I do. This year I want to write the stories I wish I read in magazines. I don’t want to glorify useless celebrities but instead, want to celebrate heroes like Marino Morikawa or Jadav Payeng. I want to give you tips and life hacks on how to live with less garbage and I want to awaken the warrior in you. We are fighting for Mother Nature and everything that is not human since we as humans seem to be set on destroying everything she creates. I also want to inspire you to not only do small (but great) things but to also be great even if you feel small. That’s the idea behind this blog for 2019.

This all came about while we were on holiday in Mozambique but first the back story. I live in Zimbabwe and I’m as Afrikaans as they come, a boeremeisie through and through. There are no Afrikaans magazines in Zimbabwe as you can well imagine so when I go down to South Africa to visit family, I make sure I load up on Sarie and Rooi Rose.  This has caused a few headaches at the airport with officials giving me the evil eye when my bag weighs in at 23kg (my bag has a weight problem okay, it’s called books). So while in Moz I was reading one glossy magazine after another and I noticed something. Not only were there no articles on waste management but there was none on charities or the heroes that run them. There were heaps of articles on how I can look younger, slimmer and be a better lover but none that would change the person I was. Nothing that would make my heart better.  Oh, and the biggest laugh I had was when they jumped on the feminist bandwagon and did an article about how feminism is still not raging in Africa and how I should be a strong woman, only to turn the page to a two-page “promotion” on how to clean my home with Domestos. Really? And the clothes, oh so beautiful but who the hell honestly pays R2000.00 for sunglasses. Who and can she adopt me, please?! Not to mention the boring interviews with “celebrities”. Dear Lord, can those people love themselves anymore? And yet they try to sound like “normal” people.

Image result for magazines

When did I lose my love for this? I use to take my time with every magazine. Reading it page for page, savoring the moment like making sweet lazy love. Now I’m disgusted but the excess and the shallowness of it all. How to dress at 50 should be You made it to 50! Congratulations you magnificent beast! You didn’t kill your lazy husband and you still somewhat love your spoiled kids. Hooray for you!!! Okay, that’s a very long title but you get what I’m saying. Then we went to a beach on one of the Bazaruto Islands and I cried. No, I sobbed because as far as you could see, the beach was littered with plastic. Mostly bottle caps. You had to push pieces of plastic aside just to find seashells. Swimming in the ocean wasn’t much better and after I had to wash plastic shaving of my body, I just lost it. In me, anger rose that has her own name, The Fucking Crazy Bitch and she is sick and tired of the mess we made. Looking after the planet should be your religion and yet we treat nature as an unwanted pet. I decided then and there that I would write the stories I wish I could read, I would do so every day ritually and with a prayer hit enter hoping it will change someone’s heart or mind about how they are living.

Image result for plastic pollution*image from Google

I spoke with a man who said: “You can’t teach a hungry man conservation.”  Sad and true as this is, I can teach you how not to be a slob and I can pressure my local supermarket into not giving that hungry man more plastic bags that would only end up in rivers and the ocean. I’m one person but I can do so much…and so can you.

This is Hasie Fantasties, the hippy bunny, saying hold on to your seat internet traveller… the shit is about to get real so come back soon.

Be the change you want to see



Sims 3: Create a Back Up

Your game is working great, all your installed content is there, a nice home, family…everything is dandy. SAVE THE WHOLE GAME! Open your sims folders and save it all. You can right click the game to see how big it is and get the right flash/thumb drive. If problems do occur and you have no flash drive, sort each folder by date, what did you add to mod folder? That is usually the culprit, the next is DC backup and deleting everything in except the ccmerged file helps bunches. We are gonna have a nice Autumn Harvest dammit. Lost the pool, gained an ice rink.

No automatic alt text available.

by Chad Roberts

Sim 3: Praise be The Player Challenge

Praise be The Player Challenge.

It’s a lovely day for fishing and bathing in the sun. The is nothing like a vacation on a cruise ship to get a sim’s blood pumping or muscle relaxed. One sim is having the time of his life when he spots a cute sim reading a book. She glances up and smiles at him but before he can make his move, the ship is engulfed in a mysterious fog. The wind starts to howl and whip the waves into mountainous swell that crash over the boat. In the distance a giant rises from the sea, fire bursting into red molten liquid and suddenly it all goes dark…

Two sims survive and find themselves on a small island in the shadow of a large volcano. There are roads and abandoned buildings  but no other sims. What might have been a flourishing community at one point, seems to have disappeared and all that is left is a single sign that reads:

“Do not displease The Player or you will be offered in the red pool.”

Then, as the full moon rises a loud siren sounds over the island. At first, the two survivors can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on but then,  figures shuffle out of the darkness and the survivors suddenly realize what happened to all the sims on the island…they want braaaaaaaaines.
The Prophecy

It is said that one day, two Sims will reach the island and build a glorious new community that honours The Player and follows the old ways. With offerings and rituals to appease The Player, sims here live a longer life then most and will be blessed with peace and harmony… or so you hope.
GOAL: Build a community of sims reaching generation 5 or more. The challenge fails if all Sims are dead so keep them alive!


  • A pair of dice (6er) If you do not own a pair of dice, check your app/play store on your smartphone
  • Mods: Nraas Master Controller, Nraas Woohooer, Nraas Traffic (eliminates cars), Nraas Story Progression, Nraas Vector (it’s devastating if used wrong so be warned)
  • 2 Sims
  • An island


 The Sims:

1 Male and 1 Female YA. Dress them in ripped clothing to match the whole castaway theme. Your sims much each have 2 positive traits, 1 neutral trait and 2 negative traits. (See lists below). This is to ensure that your sims are “normal” and not some super survivor Bear Grylls sim. You must have 1 sim with the brave/daredevil trait as only sims with those traits can light the fire and your female sim must have the family oriented/nurturing trait or she will die in childbirth. This goes for any future female sims. (Explained under Rules)

Positive: 2 Neutral: 1 Negative: 2
Athletic All traits under Social Absent-Minded
Adventurous Artistic Bot Fan
Angler Avant Garde Computer Whiz
Brave Ambitious Childish
Bookworm Animal Lover Clumsy
Daredevil Can’t stand art Couch Potato
Disciplined Cat Person Coward
Eccentric Dog Person Evil
Eco-Friendly Equestrian Heavy Sleeper
Family Oriented Excitable Hydrophobic
Gatherer Frugal Hates the outdoors
Genius Good Hot Headed
Green Thumb Kleptomaniac Neurotic
Handy Neat Over-Emotional
Insane Never Nude Rebellious
Loves to swim Night Owl Unstable
Loves the cold Photographer’s Eye Unlucky
Loves the heat Perfectionist Workaholic
Lucky Star Quality
Loves the outdoors Slob
Light sleeper Vehicle Enthusiast
Natural Cook Virtuoso
Savvy Sculptor


The Island Lot:

I have identified two island to play. The one is tropical with lots of dive spots and the other one is a woodland wonder that adds the threat of freezing to death if you don’t get that shelter up because….winter is coming.

I’ve made the volcano your sims will be sacrificed in and added it to the exchange. Look for it under  Praise be The Player Challenge. It’s not pretty but it will work or build your own and share the pictures. Next to it I build the place the sims got shipwreck and added The Door of Life and Death so I can send sims found guilty to be judged by the Grim.

You can use ANY world you want as long as it’s an island looking world and has a few extra lots for your community and temple. You’ll need to salt your world a bit just to make life easier. Put trees and seed spawners on your open lot. Add a grocery store and town hall but try to put them underground so they are hidden.

Suva Diva





Setup and Arrangement of Necessary Start Objects:

  • 1 outhouse (this sorts out hygiene and bladder and it’s logical to assume that your sims would be able to dig a hole for bladder needs. Plus, I don’t like dirty sims but if you want to do this right then go look for a medieval toilet.)
  • 1 bench
  • 1 campfire and grill. One is for cooking and one is for looking (the campfire has to burn all night. See below)

Every other usable object has to be crafted during game play. The crafting system will be explained down below. I would advise you to download a few medieval or castaway cc as it really adds to the game.

How To Start:

  • Cancel the paper
  • Set age span to long or epic
  • Turn phone off (or use the mod)
  • Set to high free will
  • Bills are payment to the island gremlins. Do not miss a payment or the gremlins will take your hard earned stuff.
  • *** Note: As most EA Sim players are aware, the game will generate other Sims, as well as vehicles and boats, etc. There is no way to turn these things off, so for the purposes of the game, just ignore them or treat them as a hallucination or figment of your Sims imagination.

As a god, you have mighty powers and have to use them right away from the start.
Use CTRL+SHIFT+C to activate your powers and type in this spell:

  • testingcheatsenabled true

If you reload the game, you have to redo this procedure. We don’t want your godly powers to get rusty, do we?

Spells You Can Use If The Dice Tell You Too:

Make Sims Happy:

  • SHIFT click on the mailbox and click “make needs static” (remember to go back and turn it off again once all needs are filled)


How To Play:

Your Sims are cut off from civilization completely. No jobs, no luxury items, no electricity! Your Sims are alone on this island now. Stranded. Exhausted. But with hope! You as their godly helper will ensure they make it till the final ritual. The Sims have to work with what they have. Which is not much! But hey, at least the sun is always shining and nature has a lot to give. What your Sims will mainly do is tend the fruit trees, fish and work on their skills and craft objects that will make life on the island more comfortable. Crafting is one of the key aspects during this challenge. The Sims can create some furniture pieces or decor. (More about it down below under “crafting.”) Every day the gods will intervene and will change the fate of your Sims. Roll the dices to know what they have in store for them! (More down below.) Make sure to take good care of all of your Sims. You as their god can control them and point them to the right direction.   Have fun and good luck!!

The Dice Roll – The Will of the Gods:

Always have your dice on hand,. They are the ying and the yang of this challenge and whatever they say HAS TO BE EXECUTED!

You have to roll the dice every Sim day at 6am. The dice will tell you what The Player has in store for your Sims. You have to execute the will right away. Pause the game/go to build mode and do as The Player says. Don’t miss to roll the dice! If you forget a day, The Player get angry and they will kill a Sim*! *(Perform will 12 from down below)

What Happens If You Roll…: 

  • (2) The Player shines it’s light of happiness and fertility on the island. A Female sim becomes pregnant. Every Sim is suddenly feeling better and draws more hope out of this miracle. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  • (3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island..amazing! [every skill object except electronic items is allowed, choose 1]
  • (4) 1 of your sims has caught an illness. At the end of the day they must die somehow
  • (5) 10 bundles of wood, meat, fur or veggies! (You can go to the store to buy new veggies to plant or eat) Sims rejoice in this bounty. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  •  (6) The tide is declining and a new Sim gets washed ashore! Who is this? Where did this Sim come from? Only The Player knows… [If you already have 8 Sims in the household you can ignore this will. We assume the Sim died on its exhausting journey to the island. Place a skeleton if you’d like it to look realistic] or add a pet! (testingcheatsenabled true, click on one of the random sims running around on the island and add them so the new sim is fully random)
  • (7) 5 bundles of wood, meat, fur or veggies! 
  •  (8) There’s a food shortage, get rid of 2 plants and all the food in your sims inventory (9 New items washed ashore, go collect them! Buy 2 new items, whatever you want! (10) Tsunami! Get rid of everything thing! Beds, harvestable plants, cooking appliances, pluming, skill objects, everything but your buildings
  • (11) Oh wow! This is exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so glad The Player has heard their prayers and sent them a new object to the island. [go shopping, go wild, you can choose whatever you like no matter costs in build/buy mode]
  • (12) The Player is absolutely furious! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to calm him! Preferably a virgin.  [Let the Sims swim in the volcano pool and block the border with stones or fences. This Sim has to drown to death] Once the sacrifice is complete, nothing bad can happen for ONE sim WEEK so ignore any dice roll that is bad for one week.



1.You can give yourself a fire pit (castaway mods/theme are perfect for this realism)
Fire Rules = Only sims with the brave trait can light the fire for meals/night time. Must be relit during the night. This is to protect family/group from wild animals and provide warmth. Children born later without this trait CAN NOT touch the fire, cannot relight/put it out
-if the fire goes out during the night – you must wake up your brave sim and have them relight it.
Family sims must sleep within close proximity of the fire place in order to benefit from the listed reason stated above (you want the fire is nice mood let)

2.Only female sims with family oriented or nurturing trait will survive childbirth. If a female sim without these traits give birth…you must kill her. (Use Nraas Woohooer and make all woohoo risky.)

3.On full moons a siren will sound warning your sims that something is coming. If zombies spawn and come in contact with one of your sims, you can fight or run. How to fight: roll the dice, even number means you win and get things like a shirt or new shoes or 2 veggies or a teddy (small things you would find in a backpack). Uneven number means you lose and your sims dies before sunrise. If a sim comes in contact by accident, they die before sunrise. ( use Wojtek Full Moon Warning Defence Siren)

  1. No career ambitions
  2. No rabbit holes or career lots except for the grocery store that you will need to buy meat

6.No electronics allowed (remember, this is an uncharted island)

  1. No vehicles. Your Sims must walk, run, or swim to all destinations (Sims are lazy and will naturally take the shortest/quickest route to their destination. For this reason if your island has roads, you will have to form a group, and then use the “go/walk/swim here” command for your Sims when visiting lots) You can craft a boat later on as your skill level goes up.

your sim Can not change their clothes, buy rugs/curtains (later) blankets for beds (later) or even sleeping bags WITHOUT acquiring fur.
So those wild animals running around become even more important
Wild animals can only be used once. So chose carefully what you want to use them for and keep track.
Use mods to delete them immediately after you have harvested them. (without mods not sure how to get rid of them – maybe someone else will know)

Wildlife harvested will give you either Fur or “meat”
1 raccoon = fur size of small rugs, small curtains, baby clothes, baby crib blanket (inside crib) etc..
OR 1 meal (hotdogs/burger patties)

DEER = medium size skins (2 sleeping bags or 1 small tent) or 2 group meals (steaks/roasts or hotdogs etc)

HORSES = large (carpets/blankets for double beds/large rugs/ large tents or 2 small tents etc) 4+ group meals
What this simply means is – you cannot make these meals without having the ingredients, and you can only get the ingredients by “harvesting” them.
And you cannot make skins/leather/fur items (anything soft or necessary to complete an item) before acquiring it. A bed cannot be made without (wood + 1-2 size equivalent animals skins)

Keep track somewhere each time you harvested your item and how much.
If you are harvesting meat then you can have your sim “go the store” and buy it)

(of course you can chose to have your sim only eat veggies and fish – and just use the animals for fur)

CRAFTING/BUILDING RULES: Sims CAN NOT build anything WITHOUT acquiring either the materials AND the skills necessary.

What this means is:
Trees planted – once fully grown your planted trees can be used to either harvest from OR chopped down for materials (wood) One fully grown tree = 1 bundle of firewood. (if you have the bundled wood decorations these are perfect. Delete a tree (or sell it) and give yourself 1 bundle of wood from your deco to help you keep track.
Easy mode: 1 fruit tree = 2 bundles of wood
1 wild tree = 4 bundles of wood or more depending on size (wild trees are trees on other lots)
1 bundle of wood = small sized objects (1 chair/1 building arch/1 baby crib or two blocks of wall etc)
2 bundles = 2 chairs/small table/shelves 2 or more/ etc)

In order to build a worthy sim must level up his sculpting. Every sculpting session works as the equivalent to 1 building session. The level of the sculptor will determine how much your sims can build in 1 day, and the material they use determines what object your sim will build from.

Examples = Sims sculpts wood level 2 + 2 bundle of harvested wood = 2 chairs or 1 small wood table, or 1 small baby crib or 2 wood arches
Get the idea? Use your best judgement to determine how much each item would require in order to make the item.
A bed would probably require 2-3 bundles of wood depending on the style/difficultly (is it a bunk bed? Is it a single or double bed) etc..
You must replant trees in order to chop them down to use for materials. You can cut down (delete) trees on other lots but if you put spawners on that lot, you have to delete them. No tree = no seed. So do you want wood or seeds.

Stairs and fences are made of drift wood and stones (so no wood needed)

Once your sim (of any generation) reaches sculpting or handiness level 10 and you have enough wood and fur, you can created a boat.

How To End:

Generation 2 should start work on a place of worship for The Player. One sim must have max level handiness before building starts. Every Friday is worship day. Sims must bring a offering for The Player. This generation will also construct a jail. When other sims (spawners) find their way onto your island, you can ignore them or kill them(delete them). Roll the dice, even number means you win and get what is in that sims backpack, uneven and your sims goes to jail. Hygiene means nothing for a criminal so don’t worry about that, just give them a sleeping bag, a toilet and a guitar. Every morning you should put a few fruits or veggies in their inventory so they can eat when hungry. Other than that, do not interact or control them. The sentence is up to you but you might want to keep them for a offering should you land on dreaded 12. Or  if you have the door of life and death (from Grims Ghastly Manor) you can send them there to be judge by old Grim himself.

Generation 3, one of your sims should max out logic and “restore” electricity and build a school.

Generation 4, max level science and charisma before building a hospital and town hall. You can now time travel.

When you have 5 generations of Sims, you can start the ritual! Sims should have finished the place of worship by now. All sims must gather for a great feast, dancing and offerings. Roll the dice one last time. High numbers (7-12) and you activate Vector (or whatever other way you want to kill ALL sims). Low numbers (1-6) and all sims life happily ever after. Conceive a child that will be the chosen one and continue your happy little cult.


I took bits and pieces from my favoured challenges and made this one. All credit goes to these great simmers. I take no credit for this challenge, I only tweaked what they started.

CHALLENGE​ by Simproved


Castaway/Island challenge with a diff. twist by Ephy

Sims 3 Castaway Survivor Challenge (Parts One and Two) by freidapearl

My Island/Shipwrecked Challenge by DuckSimmer101