The Greatest Overreaction In History?

I’m doing this post in English in hope to reach a greater audience. Now first off, English is my second language (maybe third after swearing) so if you look for mistakes you will find them. Too bad, I tried.

Now, are we overreacting to this whole covid-19 thing? I’m not sure. I can see why governments are worried. This thing spreads like no other virus at an alarming rate. So you’ve probably seen a lot of stats of how this is not a deadly disease. That more people die per day before covid then because of covid. Sure. This is is true. I’ve been looking at stats for days. BUT here is why government is losing it’s mind. Let’s say every single day in your city, a 100 people die. Half of those people are what is called instant deaths. They don’t make it to hospital or are dead by the time help reaches them. Now you have 50 left, of this about 20 of them will not survive medical intervention aka surgery. The last 30 are terminally ill, elderly and those hospitalized for a long time. Okay, so none of these 100 came to the hospital all at once and maybe one died of something he could transmit to his doctor. See where this road is leading?

Yes, covid isn’t a big killer (yet?) but it is sending a shit load of people to hospital all at once, overwhelming the system AND infecting the very people that should be taking care of the sick so now your system isn’t just overwhelmed it’s crippled. Yes, HIV and TB and cancer and malaria kill more people in a month then covid-19 but you can’t get any of these by touching a surface they touched or just standing a little bit too close to them and none of these will infect medical personnel to the point that they can’t do their jobs. And there are medications that can treat these diseases. When people share these stats that say “diarrhea kill nearly a million people last month and you are stupid for freaking out because of a flu” I get angry. You assume you are so darn smart but a statement like that just shows how stupid YOU are. You aren’t looking at the bigger picture. You, just like the people you think you are smarter then, are just looking at death stats. Not so smart hey.

So if you are team panic or team logic…you are both wrong! We haven’t seen something spread like this since the Spanish flu and that was over a 100 years ago. We have no frame of reference as to what we should do or how to handle this and since this is a brand new virus, we also don’t know what this bitch is capable of and being unsure is something we as humans have lost a taste for. We don’t like not knowing. So if numbers make you feel safe and helps you feel calm or even superior (here’s looking at you Candace Owens) or you panic buying toilet paper helps you cope then go right ahead but all of you need to calm the fuck down on telling everyone how they should feel. I’m not sure what’s going on and neither do you so you all need to just STOP. I don’t need perspective or number or conspiracy theories. I need…..what do I need? I don’t want to go back to how it was, that world was so shit I wanted to kill everyone and I don’t want this to be over without a big bang so what do I want?

A dog. Yeah, I want a new dog because humans suck and I’m rooting for the virus. Because species has shown me for 3 months now that we are garbage. In the midst of a crisis we are still fighting. Honestly, we deserve to be extinct. But first I want a dog.


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