Thoughts on the Psychology of Poverty —

A friend recently made a statement that, though he later rephrased it, made me think about a subject that I not only have lived through, but am actively trying to address during my stint in the Peace Corps. My friend and I were discussing the possible promotion of a colleague when he stated that others […]

via Thoughts on the Psychology of Poverty —

A very good read. I was just discussing white squatter camps with the husband yesterday and we had a long talk about lazy vs being dealt a bad hand. But let me just make one thing very clear, when you are squatter camp poor, please don’t bring your snot nose kids and expect my heart to bleed. When a dog is being neglected, it is removed. So should the rule apply to children being born into these camps. Do you not know how babies are made? Do you honestly feel that since you have nothing, having more mouths to feed is a great idea so your kids can suffer with you?



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  1. Sjoe! Wag tot die lewe gebeur. Ons kan nie verwag dat mense se huwelikservaring moet staak oor armoede nie. Skiet my dan liewer. Maar glipsies kom te midde van pilletjies en breiwerk en sulke goed. Die outydse Voortrekkers het seker maar goedjies gebrei. Ieder geval, ek verwonder my vir hoeveel mense nog kan en mág werk. Jy wil nie my verhaal hoor nie. Al wat ek weet is dat die lewe meer as een gatkant het.

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