Coming soon: Doomsday Challenge (+casting call!)

Mia Angelina's Sims

Once upon a time, in the Sim city of Bridgeport…

Near the junkyard, just across the street from a criminal hideout and a seedy dive bar, there stood an old, shoddy apartment building. It housed many desperate souls not fortunate enough to afford a better place.

One of the apartments was inhabited by a particularly interesting assortment of tenants.

Young Robin who ran away from home when she was only 16. She changed her looks and lived under the radar until she reached legal age. After that she claimed back her identity but refused any contact with her former family. After struggling in some not-so-respectable occupations, she finally landed a bartender job just across the street. The place was awful, but it paid her bills and it was actually better than what she was doing before. Robin had a 3 years old daughter Rianna living with her. Although Robin did…

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7 thoughts on “Coming soon: Doomsday Challenge (+casting call!)

  1. Al is ek ‘n gesoute IT-kundige, wis ek niks van gaming nie. Laas SimCity gespeel op ‘n 80286 met 1MB RAM, 20MB hardeskyf en ‘n PW monitor. Alles in ‘n teksomgewing sonder GUI. Jitte, my wêreld het seker gaan stilstaan. Dit was in 1991.


    1. Ek is ‘n gamer girl. Omdat ek social interaction met ander mense ongemaklik en soms stresvol vind, verkies ek om myself in games te verloor. Sims is ‘n creative outlet vir my skrywerk ook. Ek weet nie waar ek sonder games sou wees nie

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