Praise be The Player Challenge for Sims 4


It’s a lovely day for fishing and bathing in the sun. The is nothing like a vacation on a cruise ship to get a sim’s blood pumping or muscles relaxed. One sim is having the time of his life when he spots a cute sim reading a book. She glances up and smiles at him but before he can make his move, the ship is engulfed in a mysterious fog. The wind starts to howl and whip the waves into mountainous swell that crash over the boat. In the distance a giant rises from the sea, fire bursting into red molten liquid and suddenly it all goes dark…

Two sims survive and find themselves on a small island in the shadow of a large volcano. There are abandoned buildings  and no other sims. What might have been a flourishing community at one point, seems to have disappeared and all that is left is a single sign that reads:

“Do not displease The Player or you will swim in the red pool.”

Then, one night, the two survivors hear strange shrieks from the jungle. At first, the two survivors can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on but then,  figures shuffle out of the darkness and the survivors suddenly realize what happened to all the sims on the island…they want braaaaaaaaines.
The Prophecy

It is said that one day, two Sims will reach the island and build a glorious new community that honours The Player and follows the old ways. With offerings and rituals to appease The Player, sims here live a longer life then most and will be blessed with peace and harmony… or so you hope.
GOAL: Build a community of sims reaching generation 6 or more. The challenge fails if all Sims are dead so keep them alive!


  • A pair of dice (6er) If you do not own a pair of dice, check your app/play store on your smartphone
  • Mods: MC Command Center, Sim Torments, Extreme Violance, Zombie apocolypse (it’s devastating so be warned), Wicked Whims. You can still do this challange without any of the mods, it just makes it more fun if you have it.
  • 2 Sims
  • One Island Lot



The Sims:

1 Male and 1 Female YA. Dress them in clothing to match the whole castaway theme. Your sims much each have 1 positive traits, 1 neutral trait and 1 negative traits. (See lists below). This is to ensure that your sims are “normal” and not some super survivor Bear Grylls sim. You must have 1 sim with the bro/active trait as only sims with those traits can light the fire and your female sim must have the family oriented trait or she will die in childbirth. This goes for any future female sims. (Explained under Rules)

Positive: 2 Neutral: 1 Negative: 2
Active Art Lover Clumsy
Bookworm Ambitious Erratic
Bro Cat Lover Evil
Cheerful Creative Foodie
Child of the Island Dance Machine Gloomy
Child of the Ocean Dog Lover Glutton
Childish Goofball Geek
Family-Oriented Hates Children Hot-Headed
Genius Insider Lazy
Good Jealous Materialistic
Kleptomaniac Noncommittal Mean
Love Outdoors Romantic Neat
Loner Unflirty Paranoid
Music Lover Snob
Outgoing Squeamish
Perfectionist Self-absorbed


The Island Lot:

You’ll need to salt your world a bit just to make life easier. Put trees on your open lots. Change the lot trait on your lot to “off the grid”.


Setup and Arrangement of Necessary Start Objects:

  • 1 “Anything goes party bush” so your sims can relieve their bladders
  • 2 beach towels
  • 1 campfire and 1 bbq pit. One is for cooking and one is for looking (the campfire has to burn all night. See below)

Every other usable object has to be crafted during game play. The crafting system will be explained down below. I would advise you to download a few medieval or castaway cc as it really adds to the game.

How To Start:

  • Set age span to long
  • Turn phone off
  • Set to high free will
  • Bills are payment to the island gremlins. Do not miss a payment or the gremlins will take your hard earned stuff.
  • *** Note: As most EA Sim players are aware, the game will generate other Sims. There is no way to turn these things off, so for the purposes of the game, just ignore them or treat them as a hallucination or figment of your Sims imagination.

As a god, you have mighty powers and have to use them right away from the start.
Use CTRL+SHIFT+C to activate your powers:

  • testingcheatsenabled true

If you reload the game, you have to redo this procedure. We don’t want your godly powers to get rusty, do we?

Spells You Can Use If The Dice Tell You Too:

Make Sims Happy:

  • SHIFT click on the mailbox and click “make needs static” (remember to go back and turn it off again once all needs are filled)
  • Or just use MC Command Centre. Is so much easier.


How To Play:

Your Sims are cut off from civilization completely. No jobs, no luxury items, no electricity! Your Sims are alone on this island now. Stranded. Exhausted. But with hope! You as their godly helper will ensure they make it till the final ritual. The Sims have to work with what they have. Which is not much! But hey, at least the sun is always shining and nature has a lot to give. What your Sims will mainly do is tend crops, fish, work on their skills and craft objects that will make life on the island more comfortable. Crafting is one of the key aspects during this challenge. The Sims can create some furniture pieces or decor. (More about it down below under “crafting.”) Every day the gods will intervene and will change the fate of your Sims. Roll the dices to know what they have in store for them! (More down below.) Make sure to take good care of all of your Sims. You as their god can control them and point them to the right direction.   Have fun and good luck!!


The Dice Roll – The Will of the Gods:

Always have your dice on hand,. They are the ying and the yang of this challenge and whatever they say HAS TO BE EXECUTED!

You have to roll the dice every Sim day at 6am. The dice will tell you what The Player has in store for your Sims. You have to execute the will right away. Pause the game/go to build mode and do as The Player says. Don’t miss to roll the dice! If you forget a day, The Player gets angry and they will kill a Sim*! *(Perform will 12 from down below)

What Happens If You Roll…: 

  • (2) The Player shines it’s light of happiness and fertility on the island. A Female sim becomes pregnant. Every Sim is suddenly feeling better and draws more hope out of this miracle. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  • (3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island..amazing! [every skill object except electronic items is allowed, choose 1]
  • (4) 1 of your sims has caught an illness. At the end of the day they must die somehow
  • (5) 10 bundles of wood, shells, trash, 2 pack veggies or 2 skill book! (You can go to the store to buy new veggies to plant or eat) Sims rejoice in this bounty. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
  •  (6) The tide is declining and a new Sim gets washed ashore! Who is this? Where did this Sim come from? Only The Player knows… [If you already have 8 Sims in the household you can ignore this will. We assume the Sim died on its exhausting journey to the island. Place a skeleton if you’d like it to look realistic] or add a pet if you don’t want a sim! You can also move the new sim to another lot and use them later for the gladiator games. (testingcheatsenabled true, click on one of the random sims running around on the island and add them so the new sim is fully random or create one using story mode or download one for the gallery)
  • (7) 5 bundles of wood, shells, trash, 1 pack veggies or 1 skill book! 
  •  (8) There’s a food shortage, get rid of 2 plants and all the food in your sims inventory (9 New items washed ashore, go collect them! Buy 2 new items, whatever you want! (10) Tsunami! Get rid of everything thing! Beds, harvestable plants, cooking appliances, pluming, skill objects, everything but your buildings
  • (11) Oh wow! This is exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so glad The Player has heard their prayers and sent them a new object to the island. [go shopping, go wild, you can choose whatever you like no matter costs in build/buy mode]
  • (12) The Player is absolutely furious! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to calm him! Preferably a virgin.  [Send one sim to the edge of the volcano and kill them using one of the mods] Once the sacrifice is complete, nothing bad can happen for ONE sim WEEK so ignore any dice roll that is bad for one week.

With food shortage or tsunami, you can sacrifice a sim to appease the player and not lose your stuff. For one week nothing bad can happen but you can only offer a sim once a week.



  1. Fire Rules = Only sims with the brave trait can light the fire for meals/night time. Must be relit during the night. This is to protect family/group from wild animals and provide warmth. Children born later without this trait CAN NOT touch the fire, cannot relight/put it out
    -if the fire goes out during the night – you must wake up your bro/active sim and have them relight it.
    Family sims must sleep within close proximity of the fire.

2.Only female sims with family oriented trait will survive childbirth. If a female sim without these traits give birth…you must kill her. (Use MC Woohooer or Wicked Whims and make all woohoo risky.)

  1. If zombies spawn and come in contact with one of your sims, you can fight or run. How to fight: roll the dice, even number means you win and get things like a shirt or new shoes or 2 veggies or a teddy (small things you would find in a backpack). Uneven number means you lose and your sims dies before sunrise. If a sim comes in contact by accident, they die before sunrise.
  2. No electronics allowed (remember, this is an uncharted island)

Your sim can not change their clothes, buy rugs/curtains (later) blankets for beds (later)  WITHOUT acquiring trash.
So beachcombing and cleaning the ocean is very important.

Trash contains things like driftwood, nets and even pieces of material:
1 bag =  size of small rugs, small curtains, baby clothes, baby crib blanket (inside crib) etc..

2 bags = medium size (1 small tent) or small furniture like bookcases, small tables ect.

4 bags = large (carpets/blankets for double beds/large rugs/ large tents or 2 small tents etc) 6 blocks of fences.

To make food on the bbq pit, you must have the ingredients like fish or pineapple. Later when you get power and a fridge, you still won’t be able to make just any meal you like.
What this simply means is – you cannot make these meals without having the ingredients, and you can only get the ingredients by “harvesting” them.
And you cannot make skins/leather/fur items (anything soft or necessary to complete an item) before acquiring it via trash. A bed cannot be made without (wood + 1-2 size equivalent trash)

Keep track somewhere each time you harvested your item and how much.

BUILDING RULES: Sims CAN NOT build anything WITHOUT acquiring either the materials AND the skills necessary.

What this means is:
Trees planted – once fully grown your planted trees can be used to either harvest from OR chopped down for materials (wood) One fully grown tree = 1 bundle of firewood. (if you have the bundled wood decorations these are perfect. Delete a tree (or sell it) and give yourself 1 bundle of wood from your deco to help you keep track.
Easy mode: 1 fruit tree = 2 bundles of wood
1 wild tree = 4 bundles of wood or more depending on size (wild trees are trees on other lots)

Since your sims are on the beach, it would make sense that grounding up sea shell and mixing it with sand would make a paste you could build with.

5 sea shells = 1 paste that is the same as 1 bundle of wood.
1 bundle of wood = small sized objects (1 chair/1 building arch/1 baby crib or two blocks of wall etc)

2 bundles = 2 chairs/small table/shelves 2 or more/ etc)

In order to build a worthy sim must level up his fitness. The level of the fitness will determine how much your sims can build in 1 day, and the material they use determines what object your sim will build from. Why fitness and not handiness? You can gain fitness just by swimming around so no objects needed

Examples = Fitness level 2 + 2 bundle of harvested wood = 2 chairs or 1 small wood table, or 1 small baby crib or 2 wood arches
Get the idea? Use your best judgement to determine how much each item would require in order to make the item.
A bed would probably require 2-3 bundles of wood depending on the style/difficultly (is it a double bed? Is it a single or double bed) etc. and at least level 3-4 fitness
You must replant trees in order to chop them down to use for materials. You can cut down (delete) trees on other lots.

Stairs and fences are made of drift wood found in trash (as stated above)

Once your sim (of any generation) reaches fitness or handiness level 10 and you have enough wood and fur, you can created a boat.

How To End:

Generation 2 should start work on a place of worship for The Player. One sim must have max level handiness before building starts. Every Friday is worship day. Sims must bring a offering for The Player. This generation will also construct a jail. When other sims find their way onto your island, you can ignore them or kill them(delete them). Roll the dice, even number means you win and get what is in that sims backpack, uneven and your sims goes to jail. Hygiene means nothing for a criminal so don’t worry about that, just give them a beach towel, a toilet and a guitar. Every morning you should put a few fruits or veggies in their inventory so they can eat when hungry. Other than that, do not interact or control them. The sentence is up to you but you might want to keep them for a offering should you land on dreaded 12. You can also put sims in jail for starting fights. The first thing you should build at the temple is an arena. Every 4th Friday there will be gladiator games. Even roll, no one dies. Uneven roll, one sim dies. This generation does not attend school. Use the cheats below to keep their grades up so social services doesn’t come.

Careers.promote Highschool [Teen]
Careers.promote Gradeschool [Child]

Careers Available: Gardner, Law Enforcement (but you can’t go with your sim), Painter, Scouts, Criminal, Athlete.


Generation 3, one of your sims should max out logic and “restore” electricity and “build a school”. (send kids to school)

Careers Available: Doctor (but you can’t go with your sim), Writer, Tech Guru, Freelance, Conservation.


Generation 4, max level science and charisma before building a town hall and science lab.

Careers Available: Science, Military, Politics, Secret Agent, Business, Vet.


Generation 5, max level painting or writing and cooking before building a theatre and eatery. You can now open a retail store as well and can join your sims at work.

Careers Available: Acting, Entertainment, Culinary.

No social media jobs will be available. Friday worship and gladiator games must continue till the end.

When you have 6 generations of Sims, you can start the ritual! Sims should have finished the place of worship by now. All sims must gather for a great feast, dancing and offerings. Roll the dice one last time. High numbers (7-12) and you activate THE END (whatever way you want to kill ALL sims). Low numbers (1-6) and all sims life happily ever after. Conceive a child that will be the chosen one and continue your happy little cult.


I took bits and pieces from my favoured challenges and made this one. All credit goes to these great simmers. I take no credit for this challenge, I only tweaked what they started.

CHALLENGE​ by Simproved


Castaway/Island challenge with a diff. twist by Ephy

Sims 3 Castaway Survivor Challenge (Parts One and Two) by freidapearl

My Island/Shipwrecked Challenge by DuckSimmer101





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