For Fans of The Sims

We at the Simsburton Post are interested in seeking writer talent for our Facebook Page. We started out small–a handful of writers in a small town, doing whatever it took to get the story. But now, as Simsburton grows–we realize that there’s just so much out there to cover, we need more folks–like you–to get the big stories that face the residents of Simsburton every day!!
We cover each of the Districts associated with Simsburton and feature highlights from as many angles as we can. MidgeChats! was our first featured news piece that really got Simsburton on the map and covered some of the more colorful folks associated with our little corner of the world. Midge Perkins, our Page 2 writer and Co-Editor of the paper, made it a point to feature each person as intimately as they’d allow–with only minor hiccups.
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SimsTube is Simsburton’s answer to YouTube, and offers a fresh look into the lives of the residents who live and work in our community. Wedding Engagements, amazing School Projects, and other such diverse clips are peppered into SimsTube to give even further insight into who we are–and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.
Our Newest Segment–HandySims is a slow burn, but it’s gaining in popularity and is used to showcase local architectural talent in the city. In the HandySims segment we visit a local community lot and feature some of our favorite discoveries on the property, as well as a generous promotion to the Architect’s business page (their TS4 gallery page).
We give the facts and leave nothing to the shadows. A recent expose shed light on unfair and illegal practices by the Government to “out” our protected news sources. We fought that, and won! We may be a small paper, but we bite too!
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Just A Couple Headlines
The Simsburton Post is still looking for any information into the death of Sean Anderfel, and as the news organization that broke the story, it’s any wonder that any tips we get, we pounce on!!
We’re looking forward to stretching our muscles and really tackling the stories in your neighborhoods–but we need your help! If something happens in your “neck of the woods”, we want you to submit your story to us. But, just like any other paper–we have a quick interview process and would be interested to see a small sampling of your work.

If you are interested, please contact us via messenger through The Simsburton Post–we’ll review your submission and contact you for your “interview”. Good Luck!!

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