Sims 3: The Alex Trussell Stories

Alex Trussell has been in one mental asylum after the other his entire life. At this point, it’s the only home he knows and he makes the best of it. Playing cards with “friends” or sunbathing outside the asylum doors, nothing gets him down anymore.


But for months now, many of his “friends” have been going missing. All nurse Dutchy says about it, is that they have gone home. Alex might be in an asylum but he’s not dumb, just depressed and he knows crazy when he sees crazy. He knows that Bob is as crazy as they come and there is no way he would ever be let out. So where did he go? Alex’s best friend Ronnie has a few theories but Alex isn’t sure aliens had much to do with this (they do exist but you can’t blame them for everything.)

On a nice sunny day, Alex notices a few soldiers unloading a van at the back.

“Okay Ronnie, you need to keep nurse Dutchy busy while I go down and see what’s going on.”

“Do I have to? She always slaps my ass if I just smile at her. I don’t want that hippo jumping me mate.” Ronnie moans.

“Just do it Ronnie. Ask the two girls RJ and Reggie to keep watch. I’m in no mood for solitary this week.”

Ronnie turns on the charm and saunters over to nurse Dutchy.

“What’s cooking good lookin’?”

“Oh now Ronnie, that’s no way to talk to a lady.” nurse Dutchy says with a devilish smile.

“So what’s up with all the sims in camo?” Ronnie cocks his head to the sims sitting just behind him.


“That’s none of our business Ronnie. We are here to focus on recovery and returning to society.” she says and starts to walk away.

“Please nurse, just give me something. It’s so boring in here.” he gives her his biggest brightest smile and lovingly rubs her arm. She giggles and playfully slaps his hand away.

“Ronnie, you know the military always brings medicine for you and the other patients. There is nothing sinister about it sweetie.”

Ronnie walks over to RJ and Reggie while keeping an eye out for orderlies that might be listening in on the conversation.

“Listen you guys, something is up. I have a bad feeling. As soon as Alex get’s back, we should start working on a plan to get out of here.”

“And go where?” RJ asks without looking at Ronnie.

“It doesn’t matter. Ronnie is right, something bad is going down here. I haven’t seen Malinda for weeks now and nobody can tell me what happened to her. They just came and took her one night. You want to wait until your next RJ?” Reggie says wiping away tears.

Meanwhile, Alex is sneaking around downstairs when he hears voices coming his way. He ducks into one of the empty rooms and holds his breath. He will be in so much trouble if they catch him here. Alex recognizes the asylum doctor, Helen Smith. She looks like she has aged overnight. He remembers hearing screaming last night and doors banging. She must have had a very difficult patient to deal with. Now that he thinks about it, she hasn’t been around much. She spends most days and night down here, in her lab but doing what?

“I’m sorry doctor but what we have is what you have. There is nothing more to give. They’ve cut the budget and unless you can give me any results, I can’t get more money.”

“The results are simple general. Nothing works. We can’t stop this. What ever it is, there is nothing that can cure it. We’ve done all we can.”

“Then it’s time to kill the project.” The general salutes her and walks away quickly.


Doctor Smith starts to cry and walks towards the room Alex is in. He slowly backs up into the darkness hoping to hide from her. Alex hears something moving behind him. He slowly turns around and finds himself staring into a pair of yellow eyes. A hand shoots out of the darkness trying to grab him but Alex jumps out of reach and slams into a table full of instruments. With his heart beating between his ears, Alex realizes his been made. He needs to hide. Just as he slides behind a bookcase, the light flickers to life.

Doctor Smith looks around the room. Now Alex can see where the arm came from. A cell no bigger then his room without any lights. Is this a new place to put patients? Doctor Smith walks over to the mess Alex made and looks over to the cell.

“Getting a bit restless aren’t you.” she says to the figure in the cell. She slowly walks close and stands watching as a thin green arm tries to grab her.

“I’m so sorry Bob.” she whispers as she pull out a gun and shoots. Alex slaps a hand over his mouth to stop the scream that wants to leap from his mouth. He waits for the doctor to leave and for a split second he wants to go and check on Bob but that didn’t look like Bob.

“It’s time to go.” Alex grabs RJ by the arm and starts pulling her towards the backdoor.

“Wait what? Hold on Alex, we have to have a plan first.”

“Screw that. We need to go now. They are killing the project and we are the project.”

“We need to find Ronnie and Reggie. We can’t leave without them and you need to tell us what’s going on Alex.”

Reggie and Ronnie suddenly come running down the corridor.

“We need to go. We need to go now.” Ronnie says trying to catch his breath.


“What is that? Is that..”

“It’s gunfire RJ. We have the asylums van parked at the gate. We need to leave now guys.” Ronnie says.


As soon as they step outside, it’s clear chaos has descended on the asylum. Soldiers, patients and staff are all running but Alex can’t seem to figure out from what.

“Alex, let’s go!”


As they drive away, Alex realizes his leaving the only home his ever know. He’s never been free, never been allowed to do as he likes.  Reggie puts her head on his shoulder and sighs.

“How does it feel to finally be your own boss?” Ronnie asks from behind the wheel and give RJ a playful slap on the leg. Between soft sobs she tries to give Ronnie a little smile.

“I think we’re in big trouble.” Reggie whispers as they speed out of town leaving Sunset Valley and all it’s secrets behind.

Check in again for episode 2

(All sims are form Haunted Valley 2 by Rflong7)


Jy weet wat kom. Jy weet wat om te doen.

Dis alweer ligte uit in S.A en almal kak en kerm daaroor. Vir wat? Julle weet dit kom, dit gebeur al meer as 10 jaar. Waar is jou generator meneer? Waar is die solar panels dame? Nee, julle is te sleg en te suinig om die goed te koop. Sit eerder en teem. Ek het geen genade vir mense wat so kla oor die krag nie. Wat van braai minder elke naweek en spaar daardie geld om vir jou goed te koop wat die liggies aan die gang hou. O neeeeee, dit sal ons nie doen nie. Kla eerder oor hoe sleg die regering en Eskom is maar ‘n plan sal jy nie maak nie. Wanneer gaan julle leer dat die regering is niks vir ons werd nie, dat ons maar agter onsself moet kyk?

Laat een mamma nou weer “huil” oor haar kinders koue kos moet eet dan sit ek die welsyn op jou. Het jy al gehoor van gas? Wat van braai? Ja braai om kos te maak ipv van jou moertoe suip. As jy sit en kerm oor die krag maar niks by jou eie kaya doen om die lewe vir jou makliker te maak nie, is jy bloot net sleg. Die ouma in die sink shak het geld vir kerse en gas so wat is jou verskoning?

Dan, kom ons praat oor geld. Vir jare op die blog sê ek nou al, maak ‘n gat onder ouma se bed en sit ‘n kissie met geld daarin. As die krag af is, hoe gaan jy jou geld trek of groceries koop? “Oe maar dis nie veilig nie.” hoor ek jou moan. Luister, sonder geld in jou huis is jy anyway nie veilig nie. Tenminste kan jy brood koop vanaand.

Ons begin ‘n nasie van kla-kouse word en my siel kan dit nie verwerk nie. Dis nie hoe ons volk is nie, dis nie hoe ons groot geword het nie. Ek kan regtig nie dink enige van ons kom uit ‘n huis waar ons ouers eerder sit en kla hoe min kos daar is, as om plan te maak vir nog. Ons is besig om mekaar sielsiek te maak met al hierdie gemaon en kerm. Om die braai, by die kerk, in die ry by Spar en langs die rugby veld terwyl boetie sy hart uit speel. Dinge gaan sleg maar raai wat? Dit het nog altyd so gegaan. Dink jy dit was maklik om by ‘n tent te staan waar ‘n kind aan die sterf is? Om laer te trek elke nag en te hoop jy oorleef die nag? Om jou enigste seun in ‘n bruin pakkie op te dress en grens toe te stuur? Vandat ons ligte velle voet aan wal gesit het gaan dit rof, ons maak net nog altyd die beste daarvan. So asseblief, onthou waar jy vandaan kom. Besef niks is meer regverdig nie en jy moet maar plan maak. Hou op kla. Hou op moan. Begin iets doen en begin die lewe terug praat in ander ook.

Nou gaan vreet jou 2min noodles wat jy op die gasstoofie moes maak en geniet dit.