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Eintlik is die Haas veel langer op wordpress. Die Wit Hasie het uit haar gat gekom iewers in 2016. Dankie vir almal wat hier kom in loer.

BIOT –  ‘n bros ervaring — Loer Toer

Ek was nie mal oor glas as kunsmedium nie. Die paar keer, raar moet ek sê, wat ek juwele gesien het, het ek robyne en jaspis bo diamante verkies. My besoek aan Biot het dié koers in ‘n aanrigting gehaas. Ek het in Murano, ‘n voorstad van Venisië, ‘n glaswerkswinkel besoek, maar ek moet bieg: […]

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Growing Food Is Easy

Last week we were all faced with some frighting images of people looting and burning shops and delivery truck, blocking roads and bringing large parts of South Africa to a stand still. What was even more frighting is how quickly stores ran out of fresh produce and other daily essentials. Soon pictures of empty shelves were doing the rounds on social media and then the pictures of petrol and diesel tankers, safely parked at depots started the rumor that soon there would be no fuel and then even less food. Now, if you are like me (and most people are not) this would not worry you. You would have a water tank (or pool that doubles as water storage), you have alternative sources of electricity, fuel for your car, first aid kits, food that could last a month (with and without a fridge) and your own veggie garden so you don’t have to eat canned food all the time.

But as I said, most people are not like me. Most people don’t have gardens to plant veggies in. So how can you, living in a small townhouse with not even a meter of grass, grow fresh veggies? Pots! Well, any container will do to be honest. It might surprise you just how many fruits and vegetables can be grown in pots.

Here is a list and some tips on how to grow your own produce in pots:

  1. Lemon
  2. Strawberry
  3. Apple
  4. Fig
  5. Tomato
  6. Green Bean
  7. Pepper
  8. Carrot
  9. Potato
  10. Peache
  11. Onion
  12. Beetroot
  13. Garlic
  14. Cucumber
  15. Guava
  16. Orange
  17. Cherry
  18. Raspberry
  19. Blueberry
  20. Spinach
  21. Kale
  22. Eggplant
  23. Herbs (go crazy, I have yet to find a herb that doesn’t do well in a pot)


The general rule of thumb is to plant twice the depth of the seed’s smallest dimension at the spacing indicated by your seed packet. I’ll be honest, with tiny seeds, I don’t worry too much about proper spacing or depth. I sprinkle them in and cover with a light layer of soil. When they begin germinating and sprouting in the spring, I thin as needed.

Vegetables Growing Tips 

To grow healthy vegetables in your home, proper plant care must be taken. Here are few growing tips that help your vegetable plants to grow effectively.

  • Water the plant early morning or evening time to prevent from evaporation.
  • Avoid overwatering the vegetable plants as it may result in the plant to root rot.
  • Wear gloves, face masks and goggles while fertilizing and harvesting the vegetables.
  • Follow the instructions & warning labels on seed covers, fertilizers before utilizing them.
  • All these plants should receive sunlight for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day to thrive when placed in pots.
  • When the plants mature to a certain height, transplant it to outdoors and fertilize the plants once in every 3 months with organic matter.
  • Keep children and pets like dogs & cats away from plants as they chew the plant leaves and spoil the growth (damaging fruiting).
  • Add organic mulches at the base of these plants to suppress weed, maintain moisture levels and keep soil temperatures cool during the hot season.
  • Make sure the pot has enough holes at the bottom for air circulation purpose and to drain water completely when you start growing vegetable plants from seeds or by cuttings.
  • After harvesting vegetables wash them with warm water and can store in the refrigerator for 7 days without any spoilage.
  • When the plant is young pinch off growing tips regularly to bloom faster and also prune the top of leaf bud plants in winter or spring season before it establishes a new growth.


How to Make Compost by artisticco | GraphicRiver

All you need is large rubbish bin and a place to put it. Preferably not too close to any open windows. Here are some weird things that you can add to your bin:

Hair (human or animal)

Ash from the braai

Dryer Lint


Don’t let anything go to waste. Use what you have to start your new garden.

The simple milk jug can work wonders in your garden I’m putting together a new garden this year and the goal is to do it as frugally as possible. So far, so good! With growing grand kids about, we seem to have an abundance of milk jugs, so I’m looking for ways to reuse and…


Recycle, Reuse: Milk Jugs to Grow Veggies      You can use old milk jugs to grow veggies in, especially if you don’t have a yard!

garden space saver, recycled wood, recycled milk carton

✔56 Vegetable Garden Design Ideas For Beginner 44 #vegetablegarden #gardendesign #gardenideas ~ TopInteriorsDesign.Com

We all have these bottles lying around. Why not put them to use watering your plants. Drip irrigation saves water, saves you time and saves your plants from you over watering them.

Need a nursery?

Winter Sowing is a method of planting seeds in see-through plastic containers. Those containers are placed outside in the winter. Being placed in the transparent container, the seeds are in what could be called, a miniature greenhouse.    The effect: Seeds sprout so much earlier than normal. Which means flowers are ready for planting weeks earlier than traditional methods.

Not all soil is created equal.

If you’re thinking of the differences between potting soil vs garden soil , it may already be a bit confusing with if is topsoil the same as potting soil and when to use each.  ......The answer to this question is, no.  So, What's The Difference Between Topsoil And Potting Soil? Garden soil and potting mix may sound like the same to you, but you should know the difference.  Knowing more about these two can help you decide which one will work best with your gardening setup and the types of plants

Soil is the foundation for growing healthy plants, so it’s very important that you always use high quality soil for container plants. Never cheap out on potting soil for container gardening, because you really do get what you pay for here. If you start with a good mix, your plants will grow much better. It may be a bit more expensive to buy, but a quality container soil mix makes all the different in the world!

Many new gardeners make the mistake of using garden soil in pots. I mean, your plants grow great in your garden, so why wouldn’t that same soil work in containers too? You might get lucky and have no problems at all. But… you’re taking a BIG risk if you use garden soil in containers. This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, garden soil has lots of potentially nasty stuff in it, like bugs and other creatures, disease organisms, and weed seeds. Put all of those yuckies into a container, and you’re just asking for trouble. Plus, garden soil is too heavy for use in containers, and will quickly become compacted in there. When that happens, it’s extremely difficult for the plants to grow. So it’s best to leave the garden soil in the garden, and use potting soil for containers to ensure your plants will grow and thrive.

Choosing the best soil for outdoor potted plants is important, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. First, be sure to always read the label to see if the soil was created for a specific purpose. For most outdoor plants, choosing a good quality, all-purpose soil mix for containers is usually the best option. If possible, open the bag to check the consistency of the container garden soil mix before you buy it. Like I said above, they aren’t all created equal, and companies have their own formula. So, it’s best to check to see for yourself. Here are some things to look for in a quality potting mix for containers…

  • the medium is light and fluffy
  • it has good drainage, but also holds moisture
  • it’s porous so that water and air can easily reach the roots of the plants
  • there aren’t any weed seeds germinating in the bag, or tiny bugs flying around it
  • there’s not a large amount of bark or sand in the mix
  • it’s moist but not soggy, and the smell is pleasant

And you don’t have to be handy to do any of this. It’s so easy that even the kids can jump in and get a veggie garden going. I suggest doing a little research on Google before getting started but don’t wait to long, spring is here and you want your veggies settled in their pots before the heat of summer beats down on them. This is a great way to get more family time and less screen time.

Good luck and have fun.


Oepsie vir die S.A Media

Xenophobia. Dit was die buzz woord die week. Ons het almal gesit en kyk hoe brand winkels, hoe hardloop mense met wapens rond en vir die op social media was daar videos van mense wat vermoor word. Die geweld was gemik op buitelanders, spesifiek Nigeriërs…of was dit? Dinge het so erg geraak dat Nigeriërs S.A winkels in hulle land aangeval en gebrand het. Die logika hier sal ek nooit verstaan maar dis nie die punt nie. Die punt is, tot dus ver kan niemand sê of enige Nigeriërs dood is nie en die winkels wat gebrand en geplunder is behoort nie aan Nigeriërs nie. Wat het dan hier gebeur? Fake News. Net soos enige iemand anders in ons land, is joernaliste lui blikskottels wat nie feite jaag nie en wat eerder op social media hulle nuus sal soek. Ai, waar is die dae wat jy joernaliste gesien het in die middel van ‘n oorlog rond beweeg net om ons die akuraatste nuus te kry. Deesdae is hulle “source” een of ander mamparra op Twitter. Well done. Nie dat ons elke dag se mense veel beter is nie. Daardie videos het soos ‘n veldbrand versprei want ons is LUI. Ons gaan soek nie feite voor ons ‘n ding deel nie.

Daar was geweld. Buitelanders is geteiken. Daar is 5 mense dood. Daar is geen ordentlike berig oor die geweld beskikbaar nie. Ek is die laaste 4 ure op Google besig en die een klink nes die ander een met geen diepte nie en dis 3 dae oud. Well done S.A Media, gaan staan saam Cyril, Eskom en SAA in die hoekie. Sies, time out vir jou!



Die week het die vroue van Suid-Afrika uiteindelik hulle gatte gewip. Die week het hulle genoeg gehad van die vrees wat ons elke dag mee lewe, die kultuur waarin ons lewe en hoe ons lewens minder werd is as ander.

Wel, gewoonlik gee ek nie veel aandag aan hierdie tipe goed nie. Ek is nie ‘n feminis nie want hoe feminisme vandag lyk is die Amerikaaners se weer gawe en daai vrouens daar is nie mense nie, dis goed. Die feministe van daar is mal soos hase en ek kan nooit vat plek kry aan dit wat hulle kwyt raak. Die week het vroueregte egter aan my deur kom klop. Ek het vir die eerste keer na die mans om my gekyk en met skok besef ek lewe in ‘n dwaas. Ons is omring met varke wat dink dat as ‘n vrou veg vir haar reg om veilig te wees “sy niks werk vir haar hande by die huis het nie.”. My hart was so seer. Hier sit ek, in trane van blydskap oor hoe die vroue van SA op staan en saam staan vir ons reg om te mag besluit wie aan ons vat, om baas van ons eie lywe te wees, om veilig te kan wees as jy met ‘n eks opbreek en sy ego kan dit nie en mans (Afrikaanse Wit mans) maak grappies oor dit en spot en sê “dis net die swart vrouens wat so tekere gaan”.

Het julle as mans enige idee wat ons regtig moet deur maak elke liewe dag? Weet jy hoe moet dit voel dat jy gereeld iemand moet soek om saam jou enige plek te gaan want durf jy alleen beweeg, kan dit die dag wees wat ‘n man jou vat asof jy niks meer as ‘n hond is. Ons kan nie eers alleen badkamer toe gaan nie. ‘n Vrou mag nie saam mans in ‘n “rough neck” beroep soos mynbou werk nie (en ek bedoel nie in die kantoor nie) want sy is ‘n “disruption to the work force”. So maw, omdat ‘n man nie sy klein brein kan beheer nie moet ‘n vrou lief ander plek loop werk (en vir ‘n kleiner salaris nogal). Ek het ‘n eks gehad wat net nie kon laat gaan nie. Ons was al 3 maande uitmekaar dan ry hy verby my huis, of sit op die hoek in sy bakkie en hou my plek dop. Hy het een keer, 2 uur die oggend in my huis ingestorm opsoek na “die ander man” en toe ek die polisie bel het sy mense (wat eens myne was) my as ‘n drama queen, slet en spiteful bitch gebrandmerk. Ek het maagsere gehad van al die stress en sy geteister het nie gestop tot hy ‘n ander lewe gehad het en ek gedreig het om in daai lewe te openbaar wie hy regtig is. Vir jare het ek nog nagmerries gehad oor hom. Dis eers ‘n jaar en ‘n half terug wat ek hom in die straat kon groet sonder dat ek bewe en kort van asem raak.

My vriendin sin het sy woede nie tot haar beperk nie en selfs my kom dreig in my eie erf. Hy het een keer by ‘n nagklub sommer in my kar geklim om op my te skree en NIEMAND het gehelp nie. Sy pelle het maar rond gestaan en ek het hom letterlik met al twee voet by die deur uit geskop. Ek was nugter, hy nie. Wat kon gebeur het as ek nie was? Vertel jy hierdie stories tussen ander en mans sowel as vrouens sal die saak so draai dat dit jou skuld is. Net gister kla ‘n vrou oor haar man wat elke dag porn kyk. 90% van die vrouens het gesê sy moet gewig verloor en beter na haarself kyk. Ek wou van hulle weet hoe lyk die 1950’s deesdae sienend dat hulle nog daar bly. Ten minster 12 mans het vir haar gesê sy kan hulle bel, hulle sal haar kom “help” as haar man besig is. Jy dink dit gaan net so op social media…dink weer. Ek het elke soort teistering al gesien, gehoor of beleef hetsy self of deur vriendinne. Die beste van alles…ons laat dit toe. Ons maak hierdie mans en ons maak die vrouens wat dit sluk. Seuns kan kwaad raak en mekaar slaan, meisies moet stil en stemming wees. Mans mag ‘n grappie maak oor my ass en ek is ‘n koue bitch as ek die grappie nie kan vat.

Die beste van alles is, niks gaan verander nie. Ek gaan lag vir grappies oor hang tiete, ek gaan maak of ek nie hoor as ‘n man my cat call, ek gaan magteloos bly want niemand luister. Ons kultuur is toxic en vandag weet ek nie hoe ek dit gaan beter maak vir my klein poeper. Sy gaan sodra sy kan praat geleer word dat niemand mag onder jou kostuum vat, moenie op ooms se skote sit, trek aan dat alles toe is, moet nooit enige iets alleen doen nie, moenie te groot droom nie want daar is nie plek vir ‘n man en kinders in daai droom, vrouens moet grappe kan vat en nie grappe maak, vrouens mag nie te veel drink nie, vrouens is drama queens as hulle kwaad word, vrouens gun mans niks, vrouens moet kyk na die kinders en huis terwyl manlief jag naweke het en sy nooit eers kans kry om laat te slaap, as jou man rondloop is dit omdat jy ‘n vet lelike vark is, as jou man jou slaan moet jy iets verkeerd gedoen het and the list goes on. Ek sê nie dis wat ek alles geleer is nie maar hierdie is dinge wat bestaan binne ons kultuur.

Ek hoop #AmINext het iets in ons almal wakker gemaak. Mother Earth, Mother Language, Mother of the Nation…dis dalk tyd dat die moeders van ons land op staan en stem dik maak. ‘n Man is slegs in beheer want ons laat jou dink jy is in beheer.


Coming soon: Doomsday Challenge (+casting call!)

Mia Angelina's Sims

Once upon a time, in the Sim city of Bridgeport…

Near the junkyard, just across the street from a criminal hideout and a seedy dive bar, there stood an old, shoddy apartment building. It housed many desperate souls not fortunate enough to afford a better place.

One of the apartments was inhabited by a particularly interesting assortment of tenants.

Young Robin who ran away from home when she was only 16. She changed her looks and lived under the radar until she reached legal age. After that she claimed back her identity but refused any contact with her former family. After struggling in some not-so-respectable occupations, she finally landed a bartender job just across the street. The place was awful, but it paid her bills and it was actually better than what she was doing before. Robin had a 3 years old daughter Rianna living with her. Although Robin did…

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Daar Is Nooit ‘n Einde

Ek het ‘n siekte. Dis een wat ek seker al jare het maar nooit die simptome raak gesien het nie. My siekte is…half klaar gemaak/gedoen/gelees goeters wat orals in die huis vir my weg kruip. Dis hoekom ek nooit gesien het ek is siek nie, my kieme het weg gekruip. Tussen boeke wat ek klaar gelees het, in ‘n laai met ander voltooide projekte bo oor dit. Ek is soos een wat skelm suip, steek leë bottels orals weg oor ek skaam kry. Dis eers toe ek nou begin met my groot “spring cleaning” dat ek op die lyke van eens belowende projekte af gekom het. Eers het ek al die kaste en laai uit gepak, toe netjies drie hopies gemaak van goed wat: kan bly, moet gaan of moet gaan as ek dit nie klaar maak nie. Dis toe eers dat ek sien hoeveel “amper klaar” dinge in my huis skuil. Die boeke wat hands down die ergste vir my. Ek lees ‘n boek klaar al is dit die swakste boek onder die son. Waar kom hierdie half klaar siekte vandaan? Ek eet al my kos klaar selfs die oorskiet, was van tussen my tone tot agter my ore, borsel voor en agter sowel as tong en verhemelte. As ek die huis begin skoonmaak word daar nie gestop tot alles in sy plek is nie.

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Daar is ps4 games wat nie klaar is nie, ‘n skryfkursus wat onvoltooid lê en dan praat ek nie eers van die hordes en hordes halwe stories nie. Nou is ek onseker of die rede agter hierdie half gatgeid te doen het met ek wat so maklik vergeet of dalk het ek verveeld geraak of, en hierdie is erg, ek is net reguit te lui om dit klaar te maak. Ek kan egter met julle deel dat hierdie aha oomblik darem een lig in my lewe gebring het dis dat ek nou verstaan hoekom ek vet is want ek maak nooit klaar met ‘n dieet nie. Grappies op ‘n stokkie, hoe breek mens weg van iets wat jy nooit besef het jy doen nie? Hoe verander jy ‘n gewoonte wat so deel is van jou, dat jy blind is vir dit?

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Dalk is dit deel van my “must do’s” vir my nuwe jaar. Leer hoe om shit klaar te maak!